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Apr 30 2011

This Should be Hong Kong Cupid’s Spokesman

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I’m sure the folks at Hong Kong Cupid are totally pumped about this guy.

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Apr 29 2011

Click a Chick Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for a great episode of “Click a Chick”

It’s another Friday.   The day is winding down and you are aching to get the hell out of there.   Don’t worry you will be gone soon enough and just know this.   You will never, EVER have sex with Keeley Hazell.   Have a great weekend!

More annoying girls you’ll never have at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

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Apr 29 2011

Rare U.S Civil War Photos

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I’m not very big on wars or anything related to war.   In fact I’m not too big a fan of the military in general.   However that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what our troops do for us in times of need.   I am glad there are some people who are willing to go out there and fight for our country.

I just don’t feel it’s necessary the majority of the time.   However, this really isn’t about that.   This is about sharing pictures of a very old war, a war where we fought each other some 150 odd years ago:  the civil war.

Check out the pics after the jump….

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Apr 29 2011

Where Not to Run When Being Chase by the Cops

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Pretty much you never want to be chased by the cops. Unless there’s only one of them, he’s on foot, and he’s fat, then it’s OK. But then there’s just bad luck, which this poor guy ran into when fleeing.

A man who was reportedly trying to escape from a few cops ended up running past a virtual convention of them Wednesday in southwest suburban Joliet.

About 30 Joliet cops and a large number of officers from other departments were at Bicentennial Park for a training session on “being prepared for any situation” — which would likely describe the arrest of Domonique J. Loggins, 21.

With more and more officers flooding the area, Joliet Cmdr. Brian Benton recaptured Loggins a short time later in the 300 block of Oneida Street. Benton was reportedly returning from lunch when he heard the call.

The universe has conspired for you to go to jail my friend, can’t really argue against that.




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Apr 29 2011

She’s Uncoachable: I Missed Keeley Hazell

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It was this very picture that made me long for the days when Keeley Hazell was the next big thing.   I mean she’s definitely a big thing these days.   In fact she’s got two very big things.   It’s just that you don’t hear about her as often.

It’s a shame too because we need to hear much more about Keeley.   Funny because Kelly Brook seems to get all the attention yet Keeley is the hotter one.   What’s going on here?

Anyway, more of Keeley after the jump….

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Apr 29 2011

Nothing Sets the Mood Like Madonna

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Uh, I meant her music, but condoms? That works too.

I’m pretty sure if I ever went to a girls house and she had Madonna brand condoms at the ready, I’d brush off my hands and walk away. Not to mention that condoms from the 1980s probably no longer possess the baby-preventing potential they were meant to have.

Now get me some Prince condoms and we’re talking.

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Apr 29 2011

The Man With No Fear

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Maybe the internet has made me wary of such things, but this is too ridiculous not to be viral marketing for something.

In any case, it’s an instructional video on how to do the lamest dance possible taught by what must be the lamest man possible. But there’s something vaguely catchy about it…

Do the dream feet!

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Apr 29 2011

Another Round of Girls Playing Beer Pong

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Ah yes, the summer is nearing!   Even if it’s not nearing the weather is warming up.  You know what the means?  Yes.  It means people are going to be partying outdoors a lot more.   It’s not as if you need to be outdoors to bong a beer but let’s just say it does happen more in warmer climates.

So to celebrate a little warmth and a lot of drunken nights ahead it’s appropriate to present you with another round of girls doing the beer pong thing.

Pics after the jump…..

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Apr 29 2011

Five Ways to Avoid Masturbation When You’re Home Alone

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One of the benefits of working from home is the flexibility to take breaks whenever I want.   Don’t get me wrong.  Working from home and being in business for yourself is no picnic.  However,  at least I don’t have boss who is up my ass watching me to make sure I’m always there.

So it’s great when it’s 9am and I feel like rubbing one out.   It’s nice to be able to masturbate whenever you want and at the same time a total curse.   You just don’t want to get into that habit at home all the time.

Sure it’s nice once in a while but in time it becomes difficult to resist the urge.   Here are five ways to avoid diddling with yourself when you kind of know you shouldn’t be…..

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Apr 29 2011

Friday’s Funbag: Carla Gugino Starts It, Honest Movie Posters, and Technical Difficulties

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Click on the photo for more of Carla Gugino

She warmed our hearts on Saved By the Bell and most recently she was a power lawyer who loved to have sex on Californication.  One thing’s for certain.  Carla Gugino definitely has range, and an amazing body.

More amazing bodies at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Funbag

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