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Mar 31 2011

6 Awesome Beer Festivals in the United States

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When it comes to beer everyone and their mother refers to Oktoberfest as the place to be.   Granted there’s no question that Oktoberfest is probably the single coolest drinking festival in the world, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own parties here in the USA.

You’d be surprised at how much this country celebrates beer other than at fraternity parties and tailgating events.   We have a strong affinity and respect for beer and some regions like to show it proudly.

Check out these 6 awesome beer festivals….

The World Beer Festival

If you happen to be in the Raleigh, North Carolina area you might want to check out the World Beer Festival.  Oddly enough it’s a charity event (for which charity I have no idea) that showcases over 300 Southeast specialty beers from 150 national and international breweries.   Get your drink on.

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown

You had me at Cooperstown.  First of all, any excuse to get to Cooperstown is cool enough.   Second of all, held on a Saturday in July, the Belgium comes to Cooperstown features over 200 Belgian style beers that visitors can sample.  Plus you can dance around a bonfire!

Great Taste of the Midwest

One of the top beer festivals in the United States, the Great Taste of the Midwest sees over a hundred microbreweries and brewpubs from the Midwest every year.   It’s held in Olin-Turville park which overlooks Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin.   Nothing like getting drunk and looking at a Lake.

Vermont Brewers Festival

This is a specialty event.  Why?  Because it’s invite-only. There are more breweries in Vermont than anywhere in America so if you get invited to this thing, you should go.  This festival sees a wide variety of offerings that include Belgian-style white beers, traditional lagers, fruit beers, ales and barley wines.

Oregon Brewers Festival

This is one of America’s longest running and most popular craft beer festivals, ideal for lovers of craft beer.  Here, over eighty craft breweries will be in attendance.  What the hell is craft beer?  Guess I should find out.

The Great American Beer Festival

If there’s anything to even remotely compete with Oktoberfest it’s this one.   It’s held in October and is a 3 day event that takes place in Denver, Colorado.   There are over 1600 kinds of beers at this event and people from all over the world show up.  More than 100 judges show to judge over 2300 beers that are entered in.  Sounds like a real gas.


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