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Mar 30 2011

7 Real Facts that Are Extremely Surprising

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If you really want to go nuts looking at strange facts you might want to take a look at the book 1001 Fact that will Scare the Sh&t out of you.  But in the interest of saving time I chose seven from this book to keep you guys interested.

The scary thing is that there are in fact thousands upon thousands of truisms out there that make you wonder why the hell there’s even a society.   I’d have to imagine that any utopia that I’d imagine certainly doesn’t contain the crap that we do.

Anyway, on with the list…..

1. Criminals who are generally considered to be physically unattractive receive, on average, a 50% longer jail sentence for their crime than good looking criminals.

If you don’t believe me, here is the article that mentions it.   I mean it’s OK to make fun of weird looking people I suppose but to impose stricter penalties based on looks isn’t exactly equal opportunity is it….

2. By the time an average American child leaves elementary school, they have seen 200,000 violent acts and 40,000 murders on television.

Pretty incredible when you put it into perspective isn’t it?  I still don’t know if that causes more violence in children but I will see that it most certainly can’t help.

3.  If you wash towels with underwear there is a very good chance that they will be contaminated with feces (according to “The Secret Life of Germs”).

I feel like the word “contaminated” is a little strong here.  Then again, I would suspect that at least 3 out of 4 people wash towels and underwear in the same wash.  At least I’m drying myself off with my own shit.

4.  In the 2000s, up to 29 albino children have been murdered by being hacked apart with a machete in Tanzania, to supply a trade in their body parts to people who think it will help them achieve great wealth.

That this kind of act took place in this century is beyond comprehension.  Seriously.   Hell I thought that doing this to animals was dying down.  But children?  You’ve gotta be kidding me.

5.  When you urinate, a small amount of the urine enters your mouth through the saliva glands. But that’s okay – fresh urine is cleaner than saliva.

Well I guess everyone has a pee fetish then don’t they….

6.  Are you reading this while eating at your office desk? You might want to reconsider. There are more than 400 times the bacteria on an office desk than on a toilet.

My wife should definitely read this one.   Who cares?

7. Martin Luther, the religious reformer, reputedly ate one spoonful of his own feces every day, stating that he “couldn’t understand the generosity of a God who freely gave such important and useful remedies.”

No not Luther King Jr.   The weirdo priest.   Here’s the source of that article.

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