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Mar 29 2011

Just the Tip Tuesday: Small Town Tiffany Habib, Getting Owned, and Emo Love

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Click on the photo for more of Tiffany Habib

Our buddies at the Smoking Jacket describe Tiffany Habib as being “small town sexy.”   While I still don’t know what that means there’s no denying that Habib is most certainly a sexy of some kind.   What kind is irrelevant.  She’s hot.

More hot Habib types at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Tips

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Six awesome musician stage attacks – [EgoTV]

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So that’s what it would look like if…. – [The DW]

Selena Gomez knows how to use her Twitter – [Cavemancircus]

Maria Gregersen knows how to stir it up – [Celebslam]

Laura Dundovic is definitely on my radar – [Moejackson]

The scariest picture of Cameron Diaz – [Cityrag]

Classical symptoms that are killing out dreams – [Nedhardy]

The sexiest Twitter pictures of Kate Upton – [Brobible]

Bill Murray never fails at being amazing – [Don Chavez]

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One of the best photo sessions I’ve ever seen in Vegas – [Heyman Hustle]

Check out the lovely lady of the day – [Extramustard]

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