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Mar 25 2011

Seven Mind Blowing Political Advertisements

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I think everyone knows how ridiculous politics can be.   It’s an extremely sordid business the likes of which most of us will never even comprehend.   What’s even more ridiculous is how just about anyone can potentially make their way into office these days.  With a bit of money, some swagger and a resonating message some pretty bad people can be making some pretty important decisions.

However, some people take it just a tad too far and thankfully not all Americans are that stupid to vote for them…at least not yet.   You won’t believe the lengths some people go to advertise.

Check out these 7 ridiculous political ads…..

Pamela Gorman is Right on Target

Not only can Pamela Gorman shoot a gun, but she can pull out not one, not two, not three, but four different guns and shoot them all!   I don’t know about you guys but gun shooting ability is definitely something I look for in a candidate.

Dan Freilich Sits on a Cow

This might be the most poorly made video I’ve ever seen.  That it was formed for political gain is beyond my comprehension.  Then again “I’m on a cow, heeya!” made it all worth it.

Dan Fanelli Chills with Terrorists

Amazingly enough, Fanelli didn’t just stop at this commercial.  He apparently made an ad that was in support of racial profiling as well.   It kind if makes you wonder why these guys didn’t get into office.  They’re just stupid enough to win in my opinion.

Rudy Moise Should be President

Hmmm.   Wait a second.  What’s this guy’s name again?

Vote Rick Barber or Zombies will Get You

Imagine this guy in high school or college.  Did he have friends?  Are there people that actually like this guy?  Worse yet, are there women out there who would actually have sex with this guy?   I’m torn right now.

Rob Hahn Making a Bad Name for CGI

Jesus Christ Star Wars and an 80s song?  It’s almost impossible to watch this video in its entirety.

Basil Marceaux.com Takes the Cake

First of all his name is Basil Marceaux.  Second of all his name is Basil Marceaux.   Third of all, the state of Tennessee should be sent to a deserted island for allowing this ad to appear.   BasilMarceaux.com?

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