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Mar 24 2011

Five Things You May Not Know About Sperm

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Every male in the world knows what his sperm is.  Hell even teenagers understand the facets of the male reproductive system.  I mean we’re all sure that once sperm enters a woman there’s a chance a baby might form.  We also know it’s bad to have low sperm counts and that the word testosterone is very important.

However, there’s a lot more to sperm than we care to realize.   Stuff that might make you look at yourself in a new light.

Here are five things you may not know about sperm….

Menopause Starts at 25

Yes, you heard that right.  No, we men don’t have weird mood swings and sings of being psychotic like many women do when they reach menopause.  However, the quality and quantity of a male’s sperm starts to rapidly decline at the age of 25.   Wow.  I’m 32 now and I always wondered why I felt like an old man.  Now I know why.

New York Rules

To this day there is no scientific reason as to why this is true, however it’s the truth.    New York males have a 50% increased sperm count than their Los Angeles counterparts.   I guess it sucks to be from the West coast huh.   Just another reason to boast about being from the East if you ask me.   I have no problem with this.

Incubation Period

Did you know that sperm grow like anything else in the body? It takes sperm 2 1/2 months to grow to maturity in the testes.   And since there are millions upon millions of them one may wonder where the hell they are all stored.  Turns out the epididymis is where they all hang out.

What Is All of that Goo?

Turns out that when a man make his “O” face it isn’t just sperm that makes its way out.   It turns out that sperm is only 5% of all that gooey stuff you see.  The rest is made up of fluids which contain a combination of nutrients and protective substrate to help the little guys on their way to the egg.

Maintain Gentlemen, Maintain

How healthy a man is has a direct bearing on his fertility. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding junk food and maintaining a healthy weight, lots of fresh air and exercise, taking vitamin supplements, getting plenty early nights and abstaining from tobacco and alcohol, are all guaranteed to give a man a higher sperm count

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