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Mar 23 2011

Five Awesome Future Methods of Contraception

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If only AIDS weren’t such a big problem in the world much of society would marvel at the advances in contraception.   But someday we could very well live in a world where not only would be not have to worry about AIDS but we wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally getting someone pregnant.

Oh and no condoms!  Clearly that’s the best part of this entire equation.   And with the new advances in contraception this nirvana we are seeking could be a distinct possibility.

Check out these five new methods of contraception….

Dissolvable Contraceptive Implants

This is pretty interesting stuff.  There are these small “rods,” once inserted under the skin that  release a progestin hormone over a couple of years. The hormone stops fertilization by thickening cervical mucus and preventing ovulation.   A woman can opt out of this when she wants to go off birth control.   The issue is that removal would require surgery.

Contraceptive Vaccines

Efforts are being made to develop a miracle shot that will prevent pregnancy.  The vaccine would select certain targets in human reproductive system that are open to interference with antibodies.  While there hasn’t been an official breakthrough in this method of contraception scientists are getting much closer.  Right now there are too many side effects.

Dry Orgasm Pills

I’m pretty sure I like this one just because of the title.  Doctors at Kings College, London have found that certain medications for blood pressure have contraceptive effects.  They clamp the muscle contractions required to move sperm through male reproductive system.  In other words a male can have an orgasm but no sperm would be released.    A pill is being developed that would be ingested, work for a few hours, and then wear off.    Hey, no mess!

Contraceptive Sprays

Here’s another term for you to remember:  contraceptive squirt bottle. The spray, laced with a type of progestogen, is applied daily on the forearm where it passes on to the bloodstream. The idea is to offer women a convenient option with smaller doses of contraceptive drugs.   The nice thing about sprays is that they seem to have less side effects.

The Male Pill

A pill that can control the massive sperm army unleashed by men has existed as a feasible birth control option for many decades. Yet, the development of the male pill has still been painfully slow.  For some reason it’s the men who seem reluctant to try this.   However in recent years it seems there’s been a shift and pills are out there now being tested in the U.S. and Europe.   The “pill” would also be available in gels, patches, and injections.

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