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Mar 22 2011

Freaky Pics of an Abandoned Russian Prison

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I’m pretty sure that picture of any abandoned prisons would be freaky but when you’re talking Russia I think it adds an extra element of “scaring the shit out of me” that doesn’t quite resonate with the American prison system.

There happen to be many prisons in Russia like the one that you are about to see but this one happened to shut down in 2005.  It is located in 2005 and gives off a pretty spooky vibe.

Pictures after the jump….

Thanks to Lenid Varmalov for these photos….

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  • http://www.jailexchange.com/about.aspx Johnny Exchange

    Great photos… While these images show the horror of how Russian inmates lived, the reality of jail life is not much better in many of the jails and prisons in the United States. Most jails and prisons never allow the media to photograph or video the inside of their facility’s under the ospices of protecting the inmates. I posted a link to your Russian tattoo photos on our facebook page a few months ago and again today. People really enjoyed them.



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