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Mar 18 2011

The Funniest Jim Carrey Movies Of All Time

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As I just finished completing this list I realize how somewhat sad it is.   I don’t think I could have been a bigger Jim Carrey fan in the mid 90s if I tried and yet when you really get down to it, he doesn’t have that many truly funny movies to his name.   I think it was just his presence and appearances on talk shows that really made him what he was back then.

And when you look at his work on In Living Color then it really shows how he was by far the funniest white guy around at the time.  But again, it’s odd how his movie body of work isn’t that impressive when it comes to comedy.

However, the movies that were funny?  It’s pretty damned hard to match them.  Here are what I consider to be Jim Carrey’s funniest movies…..

Ace Ventura

The one that started it all.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve literally watched this movie over 50 times.   And each time I watched it I found something new to laugh at.   I always go back in my head about which movie is better:  this one or Dumb and Dumber.   I would say that 6 times out of 10 I choose Ace.

Dumb and Dumber

Of all the Jim Carrey movies I’ve seen,  I never laughed harder in the theater than at Dumb and Dumber.   Honestly I’ve never laughed harder in the theater at any movie more than this one.   And a big Kudos to Jeff Daniels for being pretty funny in his own right because back then it was damn hard to share the screen with Carrey when he was on top.

Ace Ventura II:  When Nature Calls

Sure it wasn’t nearly as good as the first but it is definitely funnier than all of Jim Carrey’s funny movies other than Ace and Dumb and Dumber.   Trust me.  Watch it again and you’ll agree with me.

Liar Liar

This is the movie that began Carrey’s demise.    Now I’m not saying that Carrey isn’t funny anymore.  I’m just saying this movie was the start of him being “real.”   He started playing family guys, working guys, everyday Joe types.   And with that you see a similar demise that Adam Sandler had.  Sure they were bringing in box office money, they just weren’t as funny.   However, Liar Liar was definitely solid, just not in the tier of Ace and Dumb and Dumber.

Yes Man

I gotta hand it to Carrey here.  This movie was actually funnier than I thought.   However,  it wasn’t really Jim Carrey that made it that funny.  It was just an all around well written film that was funny.   Long past are the days when Carrey does anything Lloyd Christmasy.

Bruce Almighty

This movie was OK.  It wasn’t great.    There were a few funny scenes but honestly it wasn’t that good.

The Mask

Going back on this movie the only good thing about it was the little dog and Cameron Dias when she was pretty hot.   I see this movie today and realize it’s really not funny at all.  In fact it’s for kids.

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  • Dan

    I’ll just pretend I didn’t see ace ventura II. What I actually saw must have been me, myself, and irene.



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