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Mar 17 2011

The Best In Game Dunkers of All Time

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There are plenty of high flying dunkers out there in high school, college, and of course the NBA.  However, just because a guy can win the dunk contest doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll woo the crowd in a game.   Granted there’s definitely a correlation between some guys who can bring it in a game and those who can get creative in a contest,  there are certainly some dudes who were born for dunking in games.

Here are what I consider to be the best eight in game dunkers of all time….

Shawn Kemp

Shawn Kemp unfortunately had hands that were way too small to do the kind of damage he could have done when it came to dunking a basketball.  Though I’m sure most of you remember how ridiculous he was above the rim.  Just imagine if he could only palm the damned thing.

Blake Griffin

As I’ve stated before and will state again.   The stuff that Griffin does in games is downright scary.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen an individual embarrass that many players in his rookie season as Griffin has this year.   It’s a pleasure to watch.

Tom Chambers

Chambers completely embarrassed himself when he entered the dunk contest back in the early 80s.   He’s a classic example of someone who used to do the nastiest in game dunks and yet he couldn’t have looked more white in the dunk contest than he did.  It was truly awful to watch.  But in games?  Guy was a beast.

Michael Jordan


Dominique Wilkins


Vince Carter

It is said that Carter’s dunk against over Weis as an Olympian is the best in game dunk of all time.  I would say that I agree with this.  Eventually Blake Griffin will do something better but it’s pretty hard to argue with.

Spud Webb

A guy under 6 foot tall who dunked over Manute Bol?  Any questions?

Julius Erving

It wasn’t just the free throw line high flying stuff.   Erving brought it in game as well.

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