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Mar 16 2011

The Most Annoying Stuff About Getting an MRI

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So not only did I have an MRI this week.  I had two MRI’s this week.   I’ve had something wrong with my bicep for about four months now.  I have no idea what caused this and frankly I don’t care.  I just know that there’s pain.  The worst part about it is that it’s so minor that an MRI probably won’t even matter yet the pain is still there.

In any event,  I just thought I’d sympathize with others who have had MRI’s done.  It’s one experience where you definitely wish you had that time back in your life.

Here are the most annoying things about getting an MRI…..

The Enclosed Space

Why in God’s name does an MRI have to be taken in something that reminds you of what it’d be like to be buried alive?  I mean do we really need that?  There has to be another way out there doesn’t there?  I just don’t buy that this test has to be taken in the worst conditions imaginable.

God Awful Sounds

I also refuse to believe that a human being should have to undergo 45 straight minutes of sounds I can’t even describe.   From the long humming sounds to the ridiculous beep beeps to the pulsing shhhhhhhhhhhs, I can’t even continue here.  Why oh why the noise?

Annoying Cubbies

Come on guys.  At least give me a closet or something to put my clothes in.   We really need these cubbies like kids in summer camp?  Awful.

That Gown they Make you Wear

Again.   It’s bad enough that you have to sit in there for that long but in such an embarrassing gown?  Can’t they make these test so that you’re wearing clothes?  I understand the no metal but come on.

When you have an itch

That is by far the single scariest moment in the life of a person getting an MRI.  Imagine one second of itching ruining the entire 45 minutes and then having to do it all over again.  Brutal.

*All the other crap that comes along with being at a doctor’s office

Not limited to but definitely includes waiting in the waiting room, having to look at other annoying patients, dealing with nurses, faux doctors.  You know, all the fun stuff.   Yay!

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