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Mar 15 2011

Five Potential Replacments for NFL Sunday

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As many of you know this whole NFL debacle doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.  I’m not going to sit here and comment on it all.   The league makes a ton of money and I won’t say which side is greedy and which side sucks and all that.   I think the bottom line here is that we want the league to continue and fans want to see football.

But in the event these two sides can’t come to an agreement what in the hell are we to do on Sundays?  I mean there’s no way in hell that I’m going shopping on Sundays now.

I’m sure they’ll think of something but in the mean time here are some real ideas for NFL Sunday’s replacement….

Lingerie Football

Well, there’s already been talk of Lingerie Football replacing Sunday Football in the event of a lockout.   I think this would be the most logical choice.  I mean at least you’d have the same sport only now you’ve got sexy women playing the game plus cheerleaders?  It might be a bit of hottie overload but at least dudes are getting their football fix.


It would be crappy football but hey, at least there’d still be a league.  Just take dudes from other football leagues and replace current NFL players.   In other words should we try another crappy football league headed by Vince McMahon?  Eh, probably not the best idea.  I’d say replacement players are a better option.

NFL Players Playing Other Sports

Since these guys would be out of a job, why not feature these guys competing against each other in other sports?  I think that’d be pretty cool to watch.   Maybe a Shaq Vs. type of show?   I mean Chris Johnson is already talking about running track.  How about some kind of reality thing where these guys go out and compete?  Then again the challenge would be filling up around 9 hrs of this crap.

Some kind of Japanese Gameshow

Again, the issue is that we wouldn’t be able to have 9 hrs straight of this but at least we could get some comedy on our Sundays.  It’s the super terrific happy hour!   Seriously though watching 500 Japanese dudes getting kicked in the nuts isn’t a horrible idea and it could help stimulate Japan’s economy.


I’m kidding.  Seriously, the only realistic one on this list is lingerie football.


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