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Mar 14 2011

Remember When These Five Things Were the Internet Norms?

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The internet has been around since 1993 but I’m not sure it was really “commercial” or kind of on everyone’s mind until the mid to late 90s.  I even go as far as to say probably the mid 2000s is when people realized the internet truly was and is the future of connectivity throughout the world.

And just as companies rise and fall, so do trends that all Americans undertake.   Think about when you started using the internet on a regular basis.  Do you remember how it all went down?  Can you recall the programs and sites you used to use from day to day?  I sure as hell can.

And here are five “norms” that I remember way back when…..

AOL Chat Rooms

I really didn’t know how else to characterize this norm but I figured writing “AOL Chat Rooms” might resonate with people.   When you think about how you first communicated with people through the internet how was it done?  I mean yeah, email.  But on an interactive basis?  It’s gotta be AOL Chat rooms.  Before all the chatting programs, video, random dating sites, etc etc you had AOL Chat.  That was the first time I talked to a sexy girl across the country who was probably an 80-year-old man.

Web Browsing was Done through Netscape

I know that in the late 90s and early 2000s the only web browser I ever used was Netscape.   AOL sucked because it was too slow.    There was no Mozilla, and Internet Explorer was just beginning.  Netscape was the fastest and easiest.   I don’t even remember when the tipping point was but I think I’d have stuck with Netscape even through today had it not been bought by AOL.

Searching Was Done Through Lycos

There was Archie, which no one know about.  Then there was Excite.  Then there was Webcrawler.  But I think the first search engine that people commonly used was definitely Lycos.  Funny because I even remember the first time I heard the word “Google” and thought it was a stupid name and when I saw how plain the site was I never thought it’d work.  Hahaha.  Man I’m a moron.

Instant Message was AIM

Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find people that still use AOL Instant messenger.  I’m pretty sure the only people who use it are traders on Wall Street.  Everyone else uses Gchat or programs that allow you to have multiple chatting platforms.   But remember the days when it was all Instant Messenger?  Hell that’s what made me a fast typer.


Porn, music, files.   Napster began it all.  And when MP3 hit the scene, there was no better source to fill up your MP3 Players than Napster.

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3 responses so far

  • Paul Johnson

    Internet’s been around a lot longer than that….

  • David Gillies

    The Internet has been around since 1969. Mosaic was released in 1993, but it wasn’t the first graphical browser. Tim Berners-Lee wrote his WWW proposal in 1989.

  • sk

    Where to start…
    First the net has been around since the late 1960s. First as ARPANet – a joint effort between DARPA, which was known at the time as ARPA, and a couple of think tank universities across the continental US.
    Then later as…. you know what?
    I am just going to stop here as if you put more than five minute worth of effort into this article you’d have known all of this. Since you didn’t put in the effort to do his right I think I’ll just leave this as a warning to some kid who might wander across this and use it in a paper.

    Kids – the crap written in this article was so far off the mark it’s not even funny and ten minutes with Wikipedia will give you FAR more information…and CORRECT information at that.



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