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Mar 10 2011

What Would You Do Without Television or Internet?

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It’s an extremely difficult question these days.  Think about how much your life revolves around these two mediums.  You’ve got conversations with your friends that involve your favorite shows.  You probably send out at least 20-30 emails a day.   You browse the internet from that cubicle in your office for at least 6 hrs out of your 8 hr day do you not?

Can you even imagine a life without television or the internet?  I for one cannot because my entire living is based off of the internet functioning.  However, this article is purely based on the fact that one’s live can have more fulfillment without these two media outlets.

So below are five things I’d do if there were no TV or Internet…..

1. Read

I already made a New Years resolution this year to read more books.  And no I’m not talking about reading on my iPad, although I have to say that counts not to mention Kindle books are way cheaper.   The point is reading in one way, shape, or form has always been better than watching TV.  It wasn’t until I made myself read again that I realized this.   You’d be surprised at how awesome the imagination is when you’ve got a good book in front of you.

2.  Travel More

I think this is a given amongst most of us.  Think about how much time you actually spend watching TV per day.  Did you know the average American spends over 30 hrs a week?  Yup, over 30 hrs a week watching TV and that doesn’t include internet surfing.  I don’t know the match but I’m guessing you could travel for at least a month and not even cause a dent in your TV and Internet activities.

3.  Exercise More

Think about how awful it would be sitting around your house with no TV or internet.  I mean at some point you’d have to leave the house and go for a walk.   If not a walk, then go play a sport.  If not a sport, then go lift weights.  Something, anything.

4.  Eat More

Do you realize how boring it would be with no TV or internet?  I’m pretty sure I, along with many other people might find solace from food if this were to be our reality.

5.  Have a better relationship with everyone I know

With no email you have to use the phone.  You actually have to talk to people? God forbid!  I’m quite certain everyone’s relationships would be way better with more people to people contact.

What would you guys do?

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    prolly get laid. but the web and tv are here to stay so OH WELL!



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