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Mar 08 2011

Five Absurd Blake Griffin In Game Dunks This Season

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As we all know, Blake Griffin pretty much tore it up at this year’s dunk contest.   I mean the things he did were certainly comparable to the likes on Dwight Howard, another big man who stunned the crowd.   As many reporters put it, “Blake Griffin is scary.”

Seriously, the dunks this guy pulls are literally frightening.   What’s even scarier is the fact this this guy is coming off of major surgery.  And what’s even freakier is the fact that he can pull these dunks in games.

In fact I will argue that it’s his in game dunks that are the most exciting.  Here are five I know you’ll love….

Blake Griffin vs. The Knicks

Even the music here sounds a little freaky.   What I mean is, I’m kind of getting a little scared as I watch this.    Look at where the guy’s head is.  This is absurd.

Griffin Dunks on DJ Mbenga

I’m a little disappointed in the announcer on this one.    How the hell could you not scream more?   Was this dunk not good enough for you?  Seriously guy, get fired.

Against the Heat

This isn’t one of his more spectacular dunks but it’s in here for a reason.   Griffin is a rookie and he doesn’t take shit from any player.  Guy responds with anger and his play.   That I respect.

Best Alley Oop of the Year?

I’m going to argue that this is one of the better Alley Oops of the decade.   I said it before and it’s worth saying again.  It’s scary what this guy does.

Sorry Mr. Duncan

Hey we all know that Tim Duncan might be the best power forward of all time but it’s still fun to watch this and talk shit about how up and coming Griffin is.  Hell even Blake will get dunked on but for now this is fun as hell to watch.

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