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Mar 07 2011

Five Sexist Things That Would Make Marriage Easier for a Man

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This might be a stretch but we all know that divorce is on the rise right?  Granted the world is different today and all that.  I get it.  Everything is online.  People are finding old flames on the internet.  The chances at staying together are just less and less as time goes by.

Do you think that things might be different if sexism were as prevalent today as it was back then?  Eh?  Eh?  Oh I know I’ll get reamed for saying that but divorces rarely happened in the 20′s through the 50′s did it?  Nope.

And maybe it’s some old school stuff that needs to be brought back to help our own marriages a tad.   OK these are all sort of a joke but admit it, these five things might make marriage a bit easier….


Let’s face it.  If either polygamy or openly being allowed to have sex with other women were 100% OK then I think marriage just might be a little easier don’t you?  Granted the wife has to be completely fine with it.  Obviously this is impossible but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.  I guess the bottom line is that adultery shouldn’t even exist.

Never Going Shopping, Not Once

Seriously.  Just cut off shopping entirely.  Do you realize how happy men across the country would be if they knew they never had to shop, like ever?  Yeah it’s a little old school but I tell you it’s the one old fashioned thing I wouldn’t mind being back in the mix.  Women get out there and shop for us dudes.  Call it sexist but it was a damned good system.

Never Staying Longer Than You Have To

Ever find yourself at a party, get together, anywhere and your wife gives you the “we’ll leave in five minutes”  thing?  Imagine every single time you said “it’s time to leave” and you left at that exact time.  Think about that.  I’m pretty sure I’d have at least 5 years of my life back.

Husband Always Drives, Silence Ensues

Put it this way.  There should be a law that wives are never allowed to complain when a husband is driving, like ever.  Don’t talk about parking spots.  Don’t tell me to slow down.  Don’t talk about anything related to driving while I’m driving.   Fair enough?


It’s always important that you and your partner communicate.  Hahahahaha.  Whatever.   How about I talk, you listen?

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    Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is a guy’s article. It’s biased and pretty badly thought through. I have a rather high opinion of this site and this shoddy article just doesn’t cut it at all.

    Dude, whatever your deal is, don’t pollute a good site with your brain sewage.



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