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Mar 02 2011

Five Surprising Animals That People Eat

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Just this past weekend I went on yet another Sushi binge.   And there was something very weird that I discovered about eating Sushi.   It’s one of the few foods you eat and accept the fact that you’re not always 100% sure of what you’re eating.

I mean how many times have you gotten a Sushi Deluxe or something and forgotten what fish comes with the platter?  It happens all the time.  What other types of foods does this happen with?  Pretty much none.

Speaking of foods you don’t know or that are odd to eat, here are six that surprised the hell out of me….


Yup, elephants.  I had no idea that in addition to being hunted for their ivory, turns out that Elephant meat is sought after.  I guess when there’s over 1000 lbs of edible flesh, anyone will try to get their hands on it.

Silk Worms

Turns out that one of the most popular dishes in all of Korea’s main ingredient is Silk Worms.  The worms are battered, crumbed, and fried in oil. In some places they are merely skewered and fried.

Puffer Fish

Fish clearly isn’t out of the norm.  But obviously there are certain types of fish that don’t make much sense to eat.   How about one of the most deadly poisonous fish?   Uh, yeah.  People eat Puffer Fish.  How the hell do you know which parts are safe to eat?


It might be more common than the others but rats still always surprise me.  Turns out they are popular in countries where protein is somewhat scarce.  I guess if it doesn’t actually look like a rat I could try it…or not.


We’ve all heard of people eating insects but spiders?  Just thinking about it gives me the willies.  You can buy them at road-side stalls in Cambodia, where people developed a taste for them when they were being starved to death by Pol Pot.  Gross.

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