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Feb 28 2011

Seven Great Dramatic Animal Videos

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In this crazy world of celebrity human beings are followed around constantly in hopes that they will create buzz and fodder for the masses.  Well it appears that even animals are beginning to receive some fanfare.

While it’s not quite as newsworthy as humans, animals can be quite dramatic when caught on camera.  Actually these are videos of some internet dolt who decided to catch animals with a certain look and add dramatic music.  It’s pretty damned funny if you ask me.

Here are seven of my favorite little 8 second clips……

The Dramatic Pug

It might not be the longest video in the world but it sure does make a point doesn’t it?

The Dramatic Horse

Be careful what you wish for Mr. Horse because it might come true.

The Dramatic Goat

How can you not laugh at how dumb these are?

The Dramatic Squirrel

Let this be a reminder to never steal a squirrel’s nuts.

The Dramatic Chihuahua

Don’t ever wake up a cute dog from its sleep, ever.

The Dramatic Lemur

Jesus Christ that’s scary.

The Dramatic Chipmunk

And we’re done.

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