. This Kid is a Magnet, Maybe |

Feb 25 2011

This Kid is a Magnet, Maybe

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This kid claims that he can get things to stick to his chest from silverware to dinner plates. Apparently it’s such a phenomenon, MSNBC is actually covering it. What the hell is going on here?

To prove their claim, the family paraded the boy in front of an camera crew, with a variety of objects stuck to his chest.

They say the objects stay there until Bogdan removes them by hand.

Bizarrely, it’s not just metal that seems to be attracted to the youngster. China plates and bowls seem to adhere themselves to Bogdan’s chest as well.

The family say Bogdan is not allowed to go near anything electrical, such as a television or a computer, because his alleged magnetism turns them off.

Pardon my skepticism here, but until  he starts levitating stuff, he’s just some kid with a sticky chest.

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