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Feb 24 2011

The Cowboys Cheerleaders USO Hope and Freedom Tour

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Can we please call these military visits what they really are?  They are strip shows only the women don’t get naked.  We might as well send a bunch of porn stars to the Middle East and call it a day.  Instead we send out various cheerleaders from professional sports teams to “boost morale” of our troops.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a nice thing to do but if I were a soldier it’d be a reminder to me that I’m not getting laid and I’m stuck in this place where I could die.   Seeing a bunch of hot chicks strut their stuff is not gonna make me feel much better.

But so it goes, and the cheerleaders did look hot…..

Thanks to the 2nd infantry division for this photo set

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  • cool hand luke

    Spend a year in a hell hole, no good looking women, super duper porn proof internet filters, and then tell me this is a bad thing. I can’t stand country music, but seeing kelly pickler dancing around made my month in Afghanistan.



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