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Feb 23 2011

Six Obvious Uses Of Steroids for Movies

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I’ve always been fascinated how actors and actresses transform their bodies for movie roles.  Whether it’s losing weight or getting extremely fit it’s obviously that these people work pretty hard to get themselves looking just right.

However, I think in some cases it’s a little more than just diet and exercise.  I mean in some cases you kind of have to think there’s a little “extra” involved.

While I don’t have definitive proof here, these are six examples of when I think steroids were obviously a part of these role preparations….

Stallone and Lundgren in Rocky IV and Stallone from Rocky III up

We all know that Sylvester Stallone has admitted to using steroids in movies but I think the most obvious case has got to be Rocky IV.  I mean they even have a scene where you see the Russians administering steroids to Drago which I’m sure was real.   Actually when you think about it, Rocky Balboa might have been an even more obvious case.  It was pretty disgusting.

Everyone in The Big Hit

Have any of you seen this movie?  Personally I thought it was underrated.  It was essentially an action movie that made fun of action movies.  And I think a lot of movie goers just didn’t realize that.  But if there’s one thing you do notice, it’s that every one of Wahlberg’s crew in that movie was way too jacked.  Even Wahlberg himself was a little too Calvin Klein.  Have you ever seen Lou Diamond Phillips that big before?  I haven’t.

Anything Arnold in the 80s

Well we all know this is true but it has to be mentioned.  He is the king of juicing for movies.

Christian Bale in Reign of Fire

A buddy of mine made a good point about Christian Bale the other day.  He said “I think Christian Bales likes transforming his body for movies more than he likes acting in them.”   I think there’s a lot of truth to that.  And when you go from super skinny to super jacked I just don’t buy that you’re doing it on diet and fitness alone.  Especially when you look at him in Reign of Fire.  Dude is HUGE and cut in that film.

Ed Norton in American History X

This has been mentioned plenty of times.  If Norton wasn’t on steroids for this movie then he sure as hell took some kind of super pills.  At no point in Norton’s career as he been anything but meager in size.  The guy is skinny and not muscular.  It’s just the body he was given.  The way he looked in American History X was scary.

James Spader in Supernova

This is another Ed Norton type example.  When the hell have we ever seen James Spader even remotely more than skinny and not muscular?  How about never.  Spader came out of nowhere in Supernova.  There’s just no way this was done without steroids.

*I’m sure there are plenty more examples so feel free to contribute in the comments

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2 responses so far

  • luke

    I dont agree with all of these, (except stallone and Bale)
    the key to spotting the juice is someone thats big and ripped. Its very difficult to do both, Ripped is do-able without the juice (al la norton in american History X) and massive is also do-able without resorting to the roids (you better be ready to be fat too though

  • Scott Weaver

    As to Christian Bale, his body transform started with American Psycho. He supposedly trained for a year to get himself built up to what that character would have wanted his body to look like. If you saw the film you understand. He looked very impressive physically in the film, and there were many scenes where he undressed so you could judge for yourself. Bale was very scrawny before that film. Reign of Fire came a couple of films later but I had the impression he had retained his muscularity to that point. Then he made The Mechanic had had to diet himself nearly to death. Then he’s back doing batman and had to pump up again.

    In Reign of Fire he looks super in the early scene where he’s underground with a pick axe and shirtless.

    I’m completely with you that he uses (under supervision of experts) steroids. The body does not respond on command to build muscle like that. It’s very dangerous – and he will no doubt pay a price at some point in the future.

    As far as health, Schwarzenegger did pay the price for his extreme steroid use over at least 20 years – his heart required serious repair thru surgery.

    Also agree completely on Norton – when I saw stills of him in the film and his explanation of all the food and workouts he was doing, I just laughed because I know it’s not possible for a truly genetic scrawny guy to put on muscle like that in six months or less time!



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