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Feb 21 2011

5 Entertaining Reality Shows That Make you Dumber

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Every person needs some mindless entertainment once in a while.  Whether it’s reading something like US Weekly or even just watching the birds fly south for the winter it’s important to get our minds off the daily grind.

So while I enjoy being around intelligent people and stimulating my mind on a daily basis, it’s nice to escape.  One form of doing this is immersing myself in a completely ridiculous reality show.

Here are 5 that entertain but definitely make you dumber for watching…..

The Jersey Shore

I’m not going to lie.  It’s been 3 seasons already and I think The Jersey Shore might be my favorite show on television.  And the best part is that it completely goes against all that I am as a person.  In real life I can’t stand morons.  I truly have no patience for it.  Yet on Thursday nights when these clowns get to together it’s pure enjoyment for me.  Call me crazy.  But you know once you start whipping out acronyms like “GTL” that your intelligence is dropping.

American Idol

I haven’t really seen much of the new version with Tyler and Lopez but from past shows I know that watching all these idiots who make fools of themselves in turn makes me a moron.  But you have to admit that the show is entertaining if only for the few really great singers that come on to the show.

Real Housewives of Anything

If I can hack more than 5 minutes then sometimes I can actually enjoy this show.  Let me make a caveat to that.  I absolutely loathe this series and everything it stands for.  However, when there are the occasional sexy girls on the show and they fight?  Well come on man.  I’m a dude and that stuff is just pure fun.   Still though, I don’t even think that I can do simple arithmetic after watching a single episode.

The Real World

It’s still going strong!  It was the show that spawned MTV to not be a music channel anymore.  I don’t think I’ve seen the show in about 8 seasons but I’m quite certain it still has the same effect on all the young people who watch it now.

Joan and Melissa

Have you guys heard of this new crap on the WE channel?  I say entertaining because I can’t even tell you how much material this show will provide for The Soup.   Don’t mistake me as someone who would actually like this show.  But hearing Joan Rivers yell constantly gives any comedian a ton of material.

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  • http://whatuhwhy.tumblr.com MrRiggs

    Anyone remember when Real World/Road Rules were fun/entertaining tho..the first few years weren’t as scripted, but yes great list of crappy shows!



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