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Feb 18 2011

Six Memorable Moments in Tennis Fans

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The sport of tennis is a sport that is considered one of the “higher class” sports.  Like golf, it requires its fans to be courteous and respectful to the players and their concentration.  In fact, fans are required to be quite while play is going on.

So to see the kinds of crazy acts that one might find at a football, baseball, hockey, or even soccer game is a little out of the ordinary.  But these things do happen.

And I just happen to have six memorable moments of fan interference in tennis….

Nice Tackle on Federer “Fan”

It’s definitely kind of funny that he went out there and put a hat on poor Roger.  Sweet justice in watching him get tackled though.  What a putz.

This girl is Awesome

Considering these two dudes are relatively poor players compared to the top guys you have to respect how into it this girl is.  I do hope she’s related to one of these guys.

Tennis Fan Eats Boogers

Now that’s just wrong.  Awesome but wrong.

I Love this Person

This is nothing more than a funny older Asian person waving to a camera.  I think it’s incredible.

This guy is great Too

Wait for it….Wait for it….

The Monica Seles Stabbing

This was a horrible day for the sport of tennis.  Just horrible.

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