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Feb 16 2011

Six Weird Sports You Might Not Know Exist

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If there’s one area in the world that can always be improved upon and shaped it’s athletics.   Sure we have our major popular sports in the world but people are always coming up with new ways to test our skill and endurance.

Some of these new sports work and some of them are pretty ridiculous.  I think you’ll find a little bit of both in this list.

Here are six sports you might not have heard of…..

Underwater Hockey

It’s a non contact sport so that kind of undermines the whole hockey thing.  It’s not really too hard to figure out.  It’s just like hockey with a puck only it’s played underwater.  It’s become pretty popular in regions like the UK, Australia and South Africa.   Something tells me it might not make it here in the US.


It’s not as pornographic and gross as it sounds but it’s definitely a weird one.  It’s kind of like volleyball and tennis but with bouncing ball rules.  There are 5 players to a team on each side and the ball can’t bounce more than 3 times.   Also, when you have legs like the girl on the left I think the sport should be marketed a bit more.  It’s already been in the world game.

Chess Boxing

I really don’t know how to have an opinion on this.  Think of playing chess for a certain amount of minutes and then beating the crap out of your opponent (or at least trying to) for another amount of minutes and then alternating.  That’s exactly what Chess Boxing is.    It makes as much sense as competitive eating while playing chess.


This sport actually looks kind of cool.  It combines elements of soccer, gymnastics and capoeira.   They are all combined with the use of a trampoline which allows for some serious air and creativity with the ball.

Snow Polo

This was actually quite popular long ago and was played by Turkish emperors.  It’s steadily making it’s way back into the mainstream.  This “sport” is exactly what you think it is.  Polo, only played on snow.

Man vs. Horse Marathon

You’d think this is a lost cause because horses should destroy man.  Rather than riding horses, people race against them on a 22-mile course laden with several natural obstacles. While the horses have the advantage in the open terrain, the human competitors benefit from the thick wooded areas, making it a contest.   Sounds like fun!

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