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Feb 15 2011

Five Reasons to Never Retire

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I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately:  retirement.   Will I ever retire?  Hell all I do every month is assess my retirement assets and go over how I’m going to have this big nest egg for the day I call it quits.

But do I really want to do this?  I’ve simulated days that I thought would be similar to “retirement” days and I gotta say, it’s not such a glamorous life at all.  In fact I think in some way, shape, or form I’d like to work for my entire life.

And in case you need to know why, here are five reasons to never retire…..

Retirement is Way Too Boring

Nothing is more boring than having nothing to do.  I know that many people out there wish they had a life where they could sit on there ass and not really do much.   But think about how you feel after you take a week long vacation.  Sure you may have had a great time but most people by the end of a trip are usually itchy to get back to an active lifestyle.  In retirement it’s not easy to find stuff to do every day.  I mean there’s only so many books you can read and golf courses to play.

No Sense of Purpose

I don’t know about you guys but it’s nice to feel a sense of purpose in this world.  Maybe I should reword that.  It’s nice to have goals you want to achieve.  In retirement I assume one’s goal is to enjoy life.  But that can get a little boring.  I suppose you can have projects in retirement but wouldn’t that be “working?”  It would feel kind of lifeless to not want or need to achieve anything.

Staying Mentally Active

Almost every doctor agrees that staying mentally active is extremely important especially for senior citizens. It is believed that being mentally active prevents and/or delays several mental illnesses including Alzheimer’s.   Retirement is not exactly a ground for staying on top of your mental game.  Work provides the brain with some stimulus.

Probably better for your marriage

By no means is this a disrespect to my wife but can you imagine spending ALL of your time with your significant other?  Forgive me but I think that might be impossible.  Everyone needs space and retirement effectively dissolves that space.


It’s an obvious reason but it’s a legitimate one.  Stuff like Medical Insurance goes away.  Most Americans don’t realize how hard it is to stretch a dollar into retirement.  People need money for all kinds of things, even in old age.  Sometimes it’s best to have a small job, even if for a few hours a day to keep the income coming.

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  • http://pamelanred.com Pamela N Red

    Another option is part time work. You get more vacation time but still have something to do.

    I’ve known men that retired, got bored and went back to work. They didn’t know what to do with themselves. Also, they were driving their wives nuts. lol



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