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Feb 14 2011

Seven Beaches You Need to Visit Someday

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As a glimmer of hope is on the horizon for the weather to start getting warmer I am dreaming of paradise a little early.  But what’s the harm in that?  Nothing wrong with thinking of a cold beer, cool breeze, and sun shining on my face while my skin is white as snow and chips away because of its dryness.

So while the rest of you are also icy and crusty, let us at least dream of that beach scenario by taking a look at seven beaches out there that must be visited…..

Boracay, Philippines

This beach won the “best beach in the world award” in 1996 so it certainly qualifies on this list.  It’s known for its “silver” lining and the beach is located 200 miles from Manila.  So if you’re gonna have a thrilla, then have one in Boracay.

Kondoi Coral Beach, Okinawa

I’m pretty sure Mr. Miyagi would approve of this spot.  Unfortunately it’s one of the most expensive beaches in the world to visit but it’s definitely worth it as it’s also one of the most “free.”  It’s well known for its safety as well as people sleeping outdoors on a regular basis.


Time and time again Anguilla is voted as one of the world’s best beaches.  While it’s a “common” beach of all the ones on this list that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mentioned.   It’s just too nice not to.

Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

This island is actually an archipelago of 21 islands located off the Atlantic ocean.  It’s deemed as one of the nicest “marine parks” in the world.  What’s awesome about this beach is that it’s not entirely well known.


The white sandy beach with numerous granite cliffs and coconut palms is a delight for all tourists from all around the world. Warm, weather with cool atmosphere and turquoise waters is a scene to reckon with

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

You didn’t think we’d go this whole thing without mentioning Hawaii did you?  What makes this beach special is its view to an island called Mokuluas.


The uniqueness of this beach is its calm waters and silence despite of the fact that it is mostly visited all throughout the world.  And despite its popularity and quantity of visitors it’s still considered one of the most quiet beaches in the world.

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