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Feb 11 2011

Why They Need to Stop Ranking College Party Schools

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I went to a party school, or what one would consider to be a party school.  Yup, I attended a college in New Orleans.  How that city wouldn’t be considered the top party school makes zero sense to me but whatever, that’s not the point.

The point is that I don’t think we need to see all these party school rankings anymore.  And it has nothing to do with me being a goody two shoes.  In fact it’s the opposite.

Below are three big cases in stopping people from ranking and publishing college party schools….

Because College is Awesome Everywhere

Most people that went to college partied their asses off.  It didn’t matter if they went to Florida State or to Lafayette.  Sure some schools throw larger parties than other.  Sure some schools throw parties that last longer, are louder, have different kinds of themes, etc etc but let’s face it.  You’re gonna be partying one way or another in college.  And you’ll be doing it more so than any other time in your life.   The point is, how hard you party is up to you, not the actual party you are attending.   Does that make sense?  I hope it does.  I mean unless you’re at like a religious school or something I think what I said applies.

Because it Should Stay Under the Radar

Every year some major magazine is coming out with these rankings.  Don’t you think that puts a red flag on these schools?  God forbid a school gets highly ranked and then all of a sudden they’re under close watch.  And then what happens?  Well then they’re not the same party school they used to be are they?   It’s kind of cooler if this were all kept underground.  Let’s also not forget about parents.  You think they’re not going crazy reading this stuff?  Let’s take a really hot girl’s parents for example.   Daddy is going to know that daughter wants to attend said school.  Are we to now ruin the life of a guy who had a chance with her because dad doesn’t want her drinking?  Not cool man.  Not cool.

Because what’s the Difference?

In all honesty who cares?  College is what you make of it.  And if you want the honest truth, the only real superficial rankings colleges should have are these two:  Hottest guys or girls and guy to girl ratios.  That’s it.  Looking back on college and how little impact it had on what I do in the world it would have been a no brainer for me to choose Arizona State and just go to town on hot girls I would never have a chance with again.  Simple.

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