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Feb 09 2011

Son “Accidentally” Racks up a $1,700 Xbox Live Bill on Mom’s Card

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Something’s fishy with this story, but I can’t quite figure out what. It might be that mom’s face, or the fact that the kid looks like he’s about to murder the person taking this picture. So what all went down here?

She entered her debit card details into the family Xbox to pay for Brendan’s subscription to his favourite game. However, Brendan repeatedly clicked on additions and extensions – racking up a £1082.52 debt to her account over six months.

But Dawn wants her experience to be a lesson to other parents and blames Microsoft for making it ‘too easy’ for her son to spend the money.

She said: ‘Brendan is 11 and knows his times tables but it was only when I explained to him that he realised how much money he had spent. ’When he is in gaming mode he can’t be thinking about the money. You can’t put all that responsibility on a young boy. ’It is impossible to monitor everything your children do. These companies should take some responsibility. They take advantage of vulnerable people.

A spokesman for Microsoft claimed that a parental control setting would have prevented Brendan from spending Dawn’s money. He said: ‘With over 30M Xbox LIVE members across the world customer complaints of this nature are extremely rare.

How do you never check what’s going on in your credit card statement for SIX MONTHS? And it’s not easy! You have to buy a bundle of points, and can never get more that a hundred’s dollars worth at a time. If an 11 year old kid can figure out how to download content on an Xbox, he’s old enough to understand how MONEY WORKS.

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  • http://xaotikdesigns.com Adam

    I completely agree. Mistakes can happen, but if you let them happen for six months its your own fault

  • kilroz

    they’re british. what do you expect?



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