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Feb 08 2011

Five Things I’d Like to See At the Oscars This Year

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And the Oscar goes to!  Yes that’s right folks.  In just a couple of weeks you’ll all be huddled around the television to watch your favorite celebrities celebrate being….celebrities.   It’s time for Hollywood to pat itself on the back once again and lay it on us that they’re much better than we are.

Still though, millions will tune in as they await who will win best picture, actor, actress, etc etc etc.  I will be tuning in because my wife forces me to.  And during this span of time where I’d rather be you know…alone, there are some thing that would be nice if they were to take place on that special Sunday.

Here are five that come to mind…..

A Wardrobe Malfunction

Admit it.  If a nipple popped out this year it would clearly be the story of 2011.  And we really need one of those don’t we?  Perhaps a really drunk Britney Spears appearance or maybe even a Halle Berry is wearing something a little too tight and poof!  I just think it’s an addition worth having don’t you?

The Amazing Voice Guy Present an Award

Clearly this guy is the feel good story of this year and I just hope someone at the Academy includes him on this.  Plus his voice is so damned good it would be a no brainer to have Ted Williams present an award. Personally I hope he present the Best picture award but I might be asleep by then.

Someone trips on the steps

You have to figure that once a show someone does in fact trip on the steps while accepting an award right?  I’m assuming all these moments are edited out but for once I just want to see a person totally eat it.

Some kind of Jersey Shore Something

Reason?  Because The Jersey Shore is about as far as an opposite I can possibly think of from the Oscars that it would be so friggin’ awesome if Snooki showed up in some kind of a rubber outfit.   That or Pauly D starting spinning on stage.

Ryan Seacrest Get Punched in the Face

This is absolutely nothing against Ryan Seacrest.  In fact I have more respect for him than nearly anyone in Hollywood.  The guy has like 500 jobs, makes zillions of dollars and manages to be cheery every single waking moment of his life.  While I could never do this I respect it greatly.  But seriously.  How awesome would it be if someone just decked him on the red carpet?

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