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Feb 03 2011

Five Excellent Benefits of Working From Home

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I recently wrote an article about the challenges and negatives of working from home.  Today I want to follow up with the opposite.   While working from home can be an incredibly difficult task, if you do it right there are some great benefits.

What I mean is this.  Many people out there tend to think that if you’re an entrepreneur that working from home is easy.  Working from home gives you so much freedom and is a cakewalk.  No.  Not even close.

Working from home has its benefits, after and only after the discipline it takes is fulfilled.  Once you know how to work from home then you can enjoy it a little more.

Here are five benefits of working from home….

Setting Your Own Hours

This is probably the biggest one of them all.  However, what most people don’t know is that the average entrepreneur works way more hours than the average salaried worker and it’s not even close.  To make your own business requires work.  But if you do it for a while, you can ease up.  You can create your own schedule and no one is there to tell you different.  Some days I end at 3 and some day I end at 9.  But at least it’s my choice.

The ability to masturbate freely

Don’t knock this benefit.  Come on.  As an adult, especially if you have kids, you don’t exactly have beneficial masturbation time.  And what I mean by that is the kind of masturbation where you don’t have to worry about other people in the house and something disturbing you.  There’s a big difference between being free to masturbate and having to risk it.

It can be a big money saver

Working at home means you’re….working at home.  You don’t have to commute.  You don’t have to take a train or drive a car.  You don’ t have to buy lunch.  There’s some big savings there.  The negative is that in winter you need to be warm all day but the savings in the other ones by far offsets your energy bill.

The overall convenience of being at home

I know that sounds general, and it is.  Still though.  Do you have a bed in your office?  Nope.  A kitchen?  Nope.  How about being able to go into the living room?  It’s little things like that which are pretty neat.  I mean right now I can go lie in my bed for 10 minutes and not have to worry about it.  Those things are pretty sweet.  You can’t do that in an office setting obviously.

The “little” things

This can cover hundreds of random things but what I’m referring to are specific moments that you can pretty much do what you want and no one can tell you different.  For example, what if you realized you needed to go mail something?  What if you wanted to go to lunch for an extra half an hour?  Hell what if you wanted to read for 20 minutes.  I guess it’s the overall freedom factor.

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  • Martha B

    Funny article. The part about masturbation is more true than you know. Since I began working from home last year, I rediscoverded the pleasures of masturbation. I’ve found myself enjoying it and doing it more and more often with each passing month. I helps me feel healthier and energized. I really believe the pricacy and convenience of my home office has much to do with it. Unlike the court decision in Brazil so a woman could masturbate throughout her work day, Ana Catarian Bezerra, those of us who work from home don’t need to await on the courts to service the orgasms we so badly want and need ;o) I’ve discovered support groups of similar work-from-home community on the Internet where one can get encouragement and converse during our sessions.



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