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Feb 02 2011

Six of the Sexiest Superbowl Commercials

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Is everyone excited for the Superbowl this year?  Only a few more days and we’ll get to see one of if not the biggest displays of corporate advertising on the planet.  Who knows what these guys are gonna come up with this year for their millions spent on only seconds of airtime.

I for one am hoping for a ton of skin.  That skin being of the female kind.   I expect plenty of head turners but for today let’s have a look at some sexy commercials of past Superbowls.

Here are six you’ll enjoy…..

A Banned PETA Ad from Superbowl 43

This is one of the banned commercials for this list.  It was banned for its risque imagery that year, while other ads for hamburgers and fried chicken were allowed to air.  Peta said it wasn’t fair that those campaigns got on while theirs didn’t because “those foods make Americans fat, lazy and boring in bed.”  Yeah, I think I’m siding with PETA here.

Budweiser Back in 2003

This is one of those awesomely blatant times where Yoga is used in the right way don’t you think?  Way to go Bud, you guys never fail.

Tobasco in 2005

First of all you gotta like the song.  Second of all. Wait the first of all should have been how hot this chick is.  It’s amazing how meaningless this commercial is yet how great it is.  It’s a girl walking.  That’s it.

The Original GoDaddy Commercial

Let’s give it up for Candice Michelle.  This commercial will NEVER be beaten.  Did you know who GoDaddy was before this?  I sure as hell didn’t.

Victoria’s Secret 2002

Did you actually think I wouldn’t put a Victoria’s Secret commercial on here?  Not possible.

The Infamous Miller Lite Chick Fight

If you haven’t seen this then there’s really no hope for you.

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