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Feb 02 2011

Seven Memorable Tour De France Crashes

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If there’s one event that I have to admit doesn’t get much play here in the states it’s the Tour De France.  And rightfully so.  You have to admit it’s pretty damned boring.  It’s dudes riding bikes for over 2 weeks.  How is that even remotely fun to watch?

Sure I guess it’s fun to talk about Lance Armstrong side stories and all but other than that I think it’s kind of useless.  What isn’t useless and what’s entertaining are all the crashes we don’t see.  That’s right, don’t see.   At least make the crashes public will ya?

Well, here are seven that you may not have seen…..

The Policeman Crash – 1994

It’s customary during the Tour de France to have officers standing by on the sidelines of the race. But during this insanely fast sprint during Stage 2 of the race, riders were hitting speeds faster than 50 MPH.  You probably know the rest.

One of the Biggest Pile Ups Ever – 2007

The amazing thing about this video is that this took place right before the finish line.  It was one of the biggest pile ups in the history of the event.  If only these guys knew about the X games this could have been avoided.

Face Plant at 60 MPH, Jens Voigt Crash – 2009

As you can imagine,  he ended up in the hospital in critical condition after this crash as they were going at speeds higher than a car would on many highways.  Wow.

Dog Takes Down a Whole Squad – 2010

Is it me or are these clips never publicized?  I for one would like to tune in to ESPN to watch dogs coming out in the middle of a race and causing accidents.  Is that wrong?

A Slippery Run – 2007

You kind of feel bad for this guy.  First he makes it through a turn.  Then he sort of makes it again.  Then he finally gets schooled on his third attempt.

Over and Under the Guard Rails – 2006

During the 2006 Tour De France, an American (yep, that’s right, an American, how embarrassing) completely wiped out during a race, taking the rider behind him with, and then forcing him to do a full front flip over the guard rail onto the lush, beautiful, green French country side.

The Flying Bike – 2008

During the 2008 Tour de France, during Stage 13, a cyclist tripped on something on the road, which sent his bike up into the air, then split the bike in half.

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