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Feb 28 2011

The Best in Celebrities Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Some people have a talent for weeding out pictures that tend to rise above other ones.  I honestly believe it’s a true skill to find the most elite photos of celebrity females.  Clearly the folks on this site know what they’re doing.

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The Portfolio

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Feb 28 2011

That’s a Cool Way to Take the Stairs

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It’s not often that we pay attention to the stairs we are using to get up a flight or two.  The reason is that none of them are all that special.  I mean how many times have you caught yourself saying “this is a really cool staircase?”

I guess it’s because most people don’t really care what their stairs look like.  But to the ones that do, you can get some interesting patterns, even illusions while getting to the next floor.

Check out some interesting stair cases after the jump….

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Feb 28 2011

At Last, We’ve Invented the Death Ray

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Evil geniuses have been trying to perfect the Death Ray for years, but now it seems we finally have the technology to make their dreams a reality. A superpowered laser now exists, and it’s nothing to mess with.

The new technology will allow the Navy to utilize the powerful “death ray” to burn up incoming missiles or punch holes in an enemy vessel’s hull.

“Five hundred [kilovolts] has been the project goal for a long time,” says George Neil, the FEL associate director at Jefferson Labs. “The injector area is one of the critical areas.”

The free-electron laser is one the U.S. Navy’s highest-priority weapons programs. The future of weaponry rests in “fighting at the speed of light and hypersonics,” says Rear Adm. Nevin Carr, the Navy’s chief of research. “We’re fast approaching the limits of our ability to hit maneuvering pieces of metal in the sky with other maneuvering pieces of metal.”



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Feb 28 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Actress and Singer Maria Elisa Camargo

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What is it that we want to share about Maria Elisa Camargo?  I guess we should mention that she’s from Ecuador.  We should also mention that she does some acting here and there.

But mostly she’s just really hot and magazines like Maxim enjoy seeing her in bathing suits.  I must admit that I enjoy this as well.  Hence why I’ve placed some additional Maria pictures on this website.

Enjoy Maria Elisa after the jump…

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Feb 28 2011

Made Out of Modeling Clay

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I don’t understand this body shape. It’s like some alien came to earth and tried to assemble what they thought a “man” looked like by looking at Rob Liefeld comic books.

What we have is this guy, who seems to be assembled completely out of round balls of muscle. He’s actually kind of fat, yet his abs are bursting through his gut like a muscular alien.

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Feb 28 2011

Fat Asian Kid Good at Lip Synching

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It’s easy to watch fat Asian kids do anything, because they’re generally hilarious, but lip-syncing is definitely near the top of the list.

He’s singing some crazy Asian song that I don’t understand, but needless to say, it’s pretty awesome. It doesn’t pick up until about halfway through, so you can fast forward there if you like.

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Feb 28 2011

It’s One of Our Favorite Pastimes

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Males have been doing this since being infants.  When you see something that’s appealing you tend to stare.  You tend to be enthralled.  And you gaze like a little kid who is about to get served buckets of candy.

So when you see two girls kiss it’s kind of like that feeling.  What’s awesome about it is that no matter how many times you see this happen you’re equally as shocked and happy each time it does happen.

On that note, enjoy guys getting surprised by girls kissing each other after the jump….

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Feb 28 2011

Seven Great Dramatic Animal Videos

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In this crazy world of celebrity human beings are followed around constantly in hopes that they will create buzz and fodder for the masses.  Well it appears that even animals are beginning to receive some fanfare.

While it’s not quite as newsworthy as humans, animals can be quite dramatic when caught on camera.  Actually these are videos of some internet dolt who decided to catch animals with a certain look and add dramatic music.  It’s pretty damned funny if you ask me.

Here are seven of my favorite little 8 second clips……

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Feb 28 2011

Monday’s Madness: Canada’s Cindy Busby, Impossible Famous Couples, And College

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A certified star in her native Canada thanks to her starring role on the series Heartland (currently airing on The CW here in the States), Cindy is primed to make an impact in 2011 with those of us not obsessed with maple syrup and Rush.

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The Madness

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Feb 27 2011

The Shake Weight in All Its Splendor

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By far the best part of this video is the song.  Man I miss this song.  It’s called “Faded” by Soul Decision.  Remember those guys?  They definitely tried to be a Backstreet/NSync type of a group.

The music goes incredibly well with this.  Way to go guys.

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