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Jan 29 2011

Now That’s a Roadblock

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I don’t know whether or not this picture is photoshopped and frankly I don’t really care.  This is incredibly awesome.  Think about how many times you’ve been stopped in traffic because of annoying rubbernecking.

Well I’m sure if this is what the reason was, it would be worth the wait.

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Jan 28 2011

Krystle Lina Leads the P.M Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Krystle Lina

Wow Krystle sure as hell brings back memories.  She was one of the first women I ever posted on any website I had created.  This was way back in May of 2007.  I’m glad she’s still around and has caught the attention of Playboy.

More attention grabbers at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

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Jan 28 2011

Snowmen Who’ve Had a Few Too Many

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During this winter season people are doing whatever they can to stay warm.  Some people turn up the heat and suck it up by paying a higher bill.  Some people buy tons of wood and make fires.  Others?  Others use one of the oldest tricks in the book:  alcohol.

When in doubt just drink a ton of alcohol and your body temperature will rise.  That and you’ll be so plastered that you won’t even know you’re cold.

Hey that’s what these Snowmen are doing!…….

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Jan 28 2011

Meet the Hooters of Dentist Offices

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No one likes going to the Dentist, but what if everyone who works there is a female wearing a low cut dress? Yeah, I’d sign up to. That’s the plan executed by Dr. Marie Catherine Klarkowski whose practice in Germany has seen a huge increase in patients recently.

Dr. Marie Catherine Klarkowski whose practice is in Munich in southern Germany said that she came up with the idea after watching the way male visitors to the local Oktoberfest enjoyed looking at the traditional low-cut Dirndl dresses.

So she ordered for herself and her 10 staff similar frilled blouses in the same style with low cut cleavages and tight bodices that work like a push-up bra.

Dr Klarkowski, 41, said: “The most important thing for us is to take away the patients’ fear. The sight of cleavages gets patients narcotised and distracted from the pain rather quickly.”

She added: “Some patients’ mouths are already wide open on entering the practice – and that is just what a dentist wants.”

Let’s hope this practice comes to the States soon! I’d be getting monthly checkups in no time.

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Jan 28 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Serina Snelling Gets the Nod

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Yesterday, Serina Snelling was given a sneak peak on this site and today’s she’s getting the full treatment.   She’s a simple girl standing 5 foot 5 and weighing in at a light 115 lbs.  Serina is a beauty model through and through.

From Hooters to Spike TV, this girl’s done it all.  Well she hasn’t done nude modeling yet which is about the only thing I’m somewhat disappointed in but you can’t always get what you want.  Oh well.

More of Serina after the jump…..

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Jan 28 2011

This Guy is Awesome

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I was considering posting a picture of this awesome dude before I stopped to read what’s on his shirt, but after I saw it I knew that he was a must-feature for the site.

He almost has the colors right (at least from when the Pistons changed it to teal for some unknown reason for a little while), but “Detroit” is not “Doroit” and Winnie the Pooh is actually not a professional basketball mascot, believe it or not. Who knew?

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Jan 28 2011

Rollerskating Ninjas vs. a Three Wheeled Car

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a wacky foreign movie clip, and this time it’s not from Bollywood surprisingly enough, rather it’s from the Asian cinema in a movie with a title I can’t find.

Instead I only have this description:

A daring police detective is chased by ninjas who wish to end his investigations.

What that fails to mention however is that the detective is in a three-wheeled car, and the ninjas are on rollerskates to keep up. It’s every bit as amazing as it sounds.

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Jan 28 2011

A Gallery of Random Sexy Brazilian Girls

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Clearly one of my most prized locations that I have not yet visited is Brazil.  I’ve touted this country many times for having some of the most beautiful models in the world.  However, just because a country has great models doesn’t mean the overall picture is great.

Well as it turns out, with a little help from social networking sites, these pictures are a tiny bit of proof that Brazil is more than just the models.  Whether it’s on a beach or just plain old partying, Brazil is a force to be reckoned with.

Check out the ladies after the jump….

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Jan 28 2011

Five Actors Who Would Make Good Presidents

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Well, we’re two years in and the campaigning for the new presidency has already started.   No one knows for sure who will be representing the Republicans quite yet but it’s sure to be an interesting race.   While I’m not a huge political person there’s one thing that I truly believe about politics.

Most of these guys and gals don’t seem all that smart.  Most come from great families, have tons of connections and end up holding political office out of this upbringing and connection base.  WHile it would probably take tons of time to explain it, I think the main point I’m making is that most of these people don’t know much more about running the country than the rest of us.

Like a good CEO, it takes those around you to run a company and you’re job is to represent that company and drive its direction to its fullest potential.   So why couldn’t an actor do this?

Someone who can be in the limelight and someone who might be smarter than the rest?  Below I’ve chosen five actors who could be President of the United States.  Some are satirical while others I’m serious about…..

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Jan 28 2011

Friday’s Funbag: Fireside Foxes, Deleted Bible Scenes, and The Stories of the Day

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Click on the photo for more fireside foxes

It sure is cold out there isn’t it?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just curl up with that special someone next to a burning fireplace?  Actually maybe it’d be nice if some model were sprawled out on the floor for you.  Yeah that’s be pretty sweet too.

More sweet dreams at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Funbag

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