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Jan 28 2011

Five Actors Who Would Make Good Presidents

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Well, we’re two years in and the campaigning for the new presidency has already started.   No one knows for sure who will be representing the Republicans quite yet but it’s sure to be an interesting race.   While I’m not a huge political person there’s one thing that I truly believe about politics.

Most of these guys and gals don’t seem all that smart.  Most come from great families, have tons of connections and end up holding political office out of this upbringing and connection base.  WHile it would probably take tons of time to explain it, I think the main point I’m making is that most of these people don’t know much more about running the country than the rest of us.

Like a good CEO, it takes those around you to run a company and you’re job is to represent that company and drive its direction to its fullest potential.   So why couldn’t an actor do this?

Someone who can be in the limelight and someone who might be smarter than the rest?  Below I’ve chosen five actors who could be President of the United States.  Some are satirical while others I’m serious about…..

George Clooney

Yes Clooney is a big time liberal but when push comes to shove Clooney is a silent leader.  He doesn’t have to say much for people to be in awe of him.   But it isn’t just that.  It’s that Clooney is very active in world affairs.  He’s involved in countless charities and it’s not that he’s just a leader and “doer,” it’s that he’s so respected by not only Hollywood but by everyone else.  Plus he’s voted as one of the top 50 smartest people in Hollywood.  I think he’d kick ass as President.

Dennis Haysbert

Come on man!  He played a great President on 24.  He was Pedro Serrano in Major League and now he’s the All-State guy.   You really can’t argue with those credentials can you?  Seriously though,  I don’t know much about Haysbert but he seems like he’d be a great puppet President.  One where he’d have a talented cabinet behind him and all he’d have to do is wave and stuff.   The real best black candidate would be Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman (who played a President in Deep Impact).

Meryl Streep

I’m not even joking here when I say is there anyone in the world that doesn’t like Meryl Streep?  Everything this woman says or does turns to gold.  Why wouldn’t the presidency.

Jack Nicholson

Nicholson is kind of like the male Meryl Streep.   What are his credentials though?  Look, he’s got the makings of an older John Kennedy.  Dude would be a total poon hound.  He’s Jack Nicholson.  I mean come on.  The guy is Jack Nicholson.  What other reasons do we really need here folks?

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (as one)

Affleck is actually another guy who was voted one of the top 50 smartest people in Hollywood.  He’s transitioned extremely well from actor to director so I have no doubt he could go from director to President.  Damon is also well qualified and his charitable work is second to none in Hollywood.  Take the two, combine them, and you’ve got a hell of a team.

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