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Jan 27 2011

Eight Predictions for Jersey Shore Italy

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Yes, it’s true.  Rumor or perhaps the truth has it that the cast of Jersey Shore is taking it to Europe:  Italy to be specific.  Marketing wise their pitching this as something where the member will be “visiting their roots.”  There’s a big difference between a guido and a person who is a literal Italian living in said country.

Something tells me the true Italians won’t take to this culture quite well and I’m hoping that’s the case.   I will definitely look forward to seeing that season but for now we must undertake the rest of season 3.

In the meantime I’ve come up with one prediction for each cast member for the Italy show….

Situation Hooks up with a Transvestite

Let’s face it.  Mike is tame this year.  I think MTV realized he needed to be shot down a bit and they’re constantly setting up this guy for failure.  It’s obvious that fans of the show like it when he’s frustrated much more than when he’s just a dick getting his way.   There will definitely be a hot girl set up in Italy and he’ll be making out with what turns out to be a man.

Deena Attends an Orgy

It’s inevitable.  This girl will be completely trashed and her hormones will be pumping so hard that she winds up at some weird designer’s house and takes plan in an orgy.  I was gonna say threesome but I’m guessing she’s done plenty of that stuff by now.

Pauly Drives a Cab

I think I like the phrase “Cabs are Here!” so much that it would be amazing to see Pauly pull up to people on the street and say “Cab’s Here!”

Sammi Divorces Ronnie

Yes, I think they’ll get married somehow and then instead of just breaking up with Ronnie she’ll say she wants a divorce.  They’ll have some retarded Italian wedding by accident because they couldn’t follow the language.

Ronnie Cheats on Sammy on Their Wedding Day

Hahahahahhaha.  Picture Ronnie laughing.

Snooki Farts Every Single Episode

I mean we’re at the point where she’s sitting in refrigerators and falling all over herself.  The girl announces when she’s gonna take a dump.  Just get it overwith already and have her just let ‘em rip.

Vinny Bothers Me

I liked Vinny a whole lot better when he was the nice guy.   Of all the cast members on this show I think he’s letting stardom get to him the most.

JWOWW Has Sex With Pauly

Can these two bang already?  Give it a rest already will ya?

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