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Jan 26 2011

Five Things to Love About Snow Storms as an Adult

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About a month ago the Northeast received its first major snowstorm of the year.  For me it was the first I ever experienced on Long Island as a homeowner.  Personally I was just glad the power didn’t go out.  However, I must admit the loud winds and sound of snow hitting the trees were a little scary.

What’s even more scary is all of the baggage that comes with a snowstorm:  the delays, power outages, missed work, injuries, and God Forbid hundreds of other things that can go awry.

But I’d like to try and focus on the positive.  As we embark on more snow this season let’s try to keep smiles on our faces with these five positives that can come out of the nasty snow…..

Forced Exercise

Admit it folks.  As an adult you have way less time to exercise.  In a snowstorm you’re pretty much forced to get out there and shovel or use your snow blowers.  Even using a snow blower is some form of exercise.  Unless you’re a lazy bum and pay the neighborhood kid to shovel your walks and driveway, get out there and do some manual labor.

A Chance to Spend Time With Family

Clearly the best thing about a snowstorm is the time off you’ll get.  If it’s big enough, railroads will be canceled and roads will be too dangerous to travel on.  Think of it as a sick day or school being canceled like when you were a child.  Take advantage of this day.  Watch TV with the family.  Play boardgames.  Build a snowman.  Do whatever.  Just enjoy the time off.

It’s Actually Quite Beautiful in the Beginning

While for the most part, a snow storm leads to disgusting cars and dirty scenery, the beginning is quite spectacular.  The snow is pure, white, and very scenic.  It’s not often you get to look at a very white outside.  A snowstorm will provide that.  It just sucks after like a week when all the snow is covered in mud and exhaust.

Hot Chocolate

Come on kids!  How often do you really have hot chocolate?

Snow Fun

There’s nothing wrong with having a snowball fight as an adult.  Nothing wrong with building a snow man.  And there’s sure as hell nothing wrong with sleigh riding with your kids.  There’s plenty to do with that snow so do it while you have the chance.

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  • http://www.couclat.com Srulz

    snow… yeah… when i take snow in my home *uups.. * because in my country there are only 2 seasons, rainy and summer . wow… i like look the snow, altough just on photo.. ^^

    amazing activity, making uhm… snow-doll… :D

    best regards,



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