. A Roommate Fight Taken to the Extreme |

Jan 26 2011

A Roommate Fight Taken to the Extreme

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Anyone who has ever lived with someone else knows that you’re going to fight about things some time, and usually cleanliness and chores is probably on the table. But does it ever get this bad?

A fight between roomates over a dirty toliet led to violence and an arrest.

Robert Fowler got angry with his roomate because he didn’t clean the toilet, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

During the argument, deputies say, Fowler pushed the victim up against the wall and slapped the phone out of his hand after a call to police.

Fowler denied putting his hands on the victim.

Yes, someone actually attacked someone with how dirty the toilet was. Thankfully the toilet in question wasn’t pictured, but for it actually to incite violence, I would imagine it looks like something out of the depths of hell.

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