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Jan 25 2011

Five Things I Hate About Technology

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For the most part I’m a fan of the majority of technologies out there.   Usually folks create innovative and effective means of productivity and simplicity that make our society more functional and efficient.  It’s these types of technologies that I support.

However, when it comes to the “human condition” I think that technology has a ton of negative consequences.

Here are five worth noting…..

The World is Getting Less Personal

I actually read an article recently that explained why the newest generation of children is actually getting dumber.  The largest cited sources of this stupidity is increased texting and video games.    I mean what the hell happened to the days of actually having to be around people?  Today you don’t need mail, you don’t need to shop in person, hell you don’t even have to go up to people to meet them anymore.  You’ve got social networking to make introductions.  We’re honestly not to far from a world where you can sit at home and press buttons all day.  That seems like an awfully lonely scenario to me.

New Crap to Complain About

Every time a new invention or technology comes out it creates the opportunity for more problems to arise.    It’s like “if this was never invented we wouldn’t have these issues.”  Remember when the internet first started?  Think about it then compared to now.  Back then it sucked.  It was slow, nothing worked well, etc etc.  Point is, before the internet we didn’t have 5000 things we needed to fix about it.  By no means am I against the internet, but I am against problems that didn’t exist prior to specific technologies breaking through.

Increased Laziness

I already mentioned how all of us could live a life sitting at home.  But it’s not just that.  It’s all the gadgets that are created to make life easier.  I mean cars are parallel parking themselves now?  Are you kidding me?  When do WE have to do anything?

We Become Stupid

Think about how convenient some technology is.  The more of this stuff that comes out the less we have to remember.   Even something as simple as a contact list on your cell phone reduces your brain capacity.   God forbid you lose your cell phone.  All numbers are gone.  Remember when you used to memorize phone numbers?  Our brains just don’t work like they used to.  Plus now you got stuff like Artificial Intelligence.  Computers are beginning to become smarter than us.

Doomsday Scenario

Movies like The Terminator and The Matrix are created for a reason. Sure they’re really cool and have fun visual effects.  But both these franchises focus on how machines took over the world.  Could that scenario actually exist?  In a few hundred years I’d be willing to be that it could.

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