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Jan 24 2011

Four Things We Realize About Pro Athletes as We Get Older

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I’m as big a sports fan as anyone out there.  I love watching my favorite teams play.  I love to root for them.  Hell I love to watch two teams I don’t root for just to see some great competition and skillful play.   But when it comes to individual players, that’s where I’m starting to draw the line.

You just don’t see too many good guys out there these days.  And it’s not even that.  It’s just that as you get older you realize most of these guys are just kids.  The way you think about them changes from when you were a kid yourself and idolized these guys.

Here are four things in particular you realize about athletes as you get older…..

They Too are Human

To this day I still have a hard time around this fact.  But then you see pictures of Brett Favre’s penis online and you realize that even the greatest of athletes fall to their natural human instincts.  These guys might be able to jump higher, run faster, and do things that only a tiny percentage of us humans can do, but all of them have feelings, and all of them do stupid shit at one point or another.  I guess as a kid you don’t see any of this stuff in your idols.  But every idol has faults.

Most of them are really greedy

Each passing year is yet another reminder that athletes want to get theirs.  In one sense I don’t blame them but when is the last time you saw an elite athlete take considerably less money to either play for a winner, or stay in his or her hometown?  It just doesn’t happen anymore.  I feel like the last time I saw that was when Karl Malone took less to play for the Lakers.  You’d think a person might be happy making $5MM (let alone 20 a year) to play a sport they love.  Granted it’s all relative but still.  Come on guys.

Many if all don’t care about us

It’s amazing how much time we spend liking or disliking certain athletes when in reality they’ve done nothing for us personally and we’ve done nothing for them.  They are not our friends.  We’d like to believe that but they aren’t.  And for all we know, when that camera is turned off, many of them might be total dicks.  I’m sure plenty of them are.  Yes, we derive pleasure from their accomplishments but in terms of our everyday lives, these guys have zero impact.  That is unless you’re a professional gambler.

They are Way too Powerful and They Know It

In this example I refer to the college level as well.  I mean how often in any career are so many jobs affected by a bunch of 18-22 year-olds?  In the same token, affected by a bunch of 20 somethings?  It’s amazing how much power these guys have and most of them are aware of this.   Head coaches must be freaking out every night.  That’s why so few teams are excellent.  Personally I think it starts from the front office but that’s another story.

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