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Jan 24 2011

Apple Replacing iPhone Screws with Ones Impossible to Remove

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Consumer-centered company that it is, Apple is introducing new screws into their already hard to open iPhone to replace the old ones. This ensures you can never try to fix things yourself, and must buy Apple Care and make them do it for you.

What if you already have Apple care? What happens when you send it in? That’s when they’re replacing the screws. If you send it in, it will come back with the new pattern of screw you see above. Good luck with that.

This is to make it impossible to open the iPhone and tinker around inside it. Granted, most people have no real reason to ever do this, but a key part of ownership of something is having the ability to do what you want to it. By changing something you own in such a way after you’ve bought it, Apple is removing your ability to fully use your product.

Thanks Apple, you truly are an innovative leader constantly thinking of new ways to piss people off.

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2 responses so far

  • nightmare

    Nothing is impossible to bypass I sure someone will figure it out.

  • dannykers

    according to wikipedia:

    The pentalobe screw drive is a five-pointed tamper-resistant system being implemented by Apple in its products.
    Screwdrivers to fit this design are still rare and hard to obtain.

    Pentalobe screws were first used by Apple in mid-2009, holding the battery in the MacBook Pro; smaller versions are now used on the iPhone 4 and the MacBook Air.

    And i found one on Amazon, fist link that came up, so its not stopping you, per say….but its sure a pain.



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