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Jan 21 2011

Four Key Beliefs You Need in a Crappy Economy

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While the U.S. has gone through one of the worst recessions in history by no means am I here to tell all of you who you are and what you’re going through.  Each of us is feeling the effects of this in their own way.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t encourage each other and put to use some interesting belief structures to get us through these hard times.

If you’re in a rut, and the economy is really affecting you then perhaps these four beliefs will get you moving in the right direction…..

Trust Your Own Ability to Make Money

If there’s one thing we need to all learn as we try and dig ourselves out of this mess it’s that relying too much on others when it comes to our own finances is suicide.  “Sure you can buy that house!”  “Of course you should invest in stocks!”   We live in a society that hopes to get rich quick and not only that, one where we’re encouraged to let our money make its own money.  Whatever happened to hard work?  Whatever happened to making your OWN money?  Educate yourself.  There are 1000s of opportunities out there to generate cash.  Don’t let some investment advisor or loan officer tell you what you can and can’t spend.  Get out there and make your own dollars.  I know it’s easier said than done but if morons are doing it every day, so can you.

You’re not Better Than Any Job

I’ve heard many stories of people who haven’t had a job in over 50 weeks.  They claim to be looking for jobs the entire time.  But perhaps they’re not looking hard enough or in the right places.  Again, I say make your own cash but remember, in a tough economy it’s not a good time to have too much pride.  If you have to work in a fast food restaurant then so be it.  Just remember that it’s temporary.  If you have to collect bottles then do it.  Just remember it’s temporary.  Never get too cocky when you have a job and never have shame in what you do to earn a living and survive.

That You Can Live Without Certain Things

If you have a job but got a pay cut then you might not necessarily have the means to live a certain lifestyle anymore.  People may realize it but they don’t act on things that could save them 1000s of dollars per year.  Do you really need all those phones?  Do you really need to watch premium movie channels?  If you can afford them,  be happy.  But if you don’t need it, drop it.

To Be Thankful for What you Have

Most people in a bad financial climate focus on what they’ll be losing or what they’ve lost.  It makes it that much more difficult to focus on what it is you do in fact have.  Try and do that.  Try and realize that this won’t last forever.  That you’re still here and kicking.  And recognize that you have the power to turn it around.

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