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Jan 19 2011

The Four Essential Products For Public Transportation Commuters

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The one thing I can say about public transportation is that it’s not that horrible under the right conditions.  However if those conditions aren’t met you can be sure your ride is gonna suck big time.

Sure there are things out of your control like scheduling and the amount of people on your ride.  However, there are certain things that you need with you at all times to be content while publicly moving anywhere.

Here are four of them…..

A Musical or Video Game Device

I’m not sure how people survive a commute without some kind of musical distraction.  Honestly I’ve had moments where my iPod’s battery ran out and I swear to God I was very close to committing suicide.  I mean Jesus, do I have to listen to people talking?  Do I have to watch public displays of affection?  Stuff makes me want to puke.

Anti Bacterial Liquid

If you’re not carrying a Purell or something like that then you’re an idiot.  You know how many hands are on the pole you’re holding right now?  I would say at least 5000 before you.  It’s pretty gross.  Just think, those hands could have been in the toilet and the person A.  Didn’t flush and B. didn’t wash their hands.  You don’t want that on your conscience.

Cell Phone

No not for talking because then you’d be that dick who’s on their cellphone on the subway.  But texting is one thing that can distract you from the annoyance of a train or bus ride.  It’s one of the few times I actually do advocate text messaging.

Something to Read

And lastly, something to read.  No I’m not saying to open a newspaper really wide and piss people off.  But I am saying that people do still read even in this day and age.   Nothing wrong with immersing yourself in a story for a few minutes while you ride.

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