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Jan 17 2011

Seven Athletic Records That Will Likely Never Be Broken

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In this day and age in sport it would appear that most records are meant to be broken.   I mean let’s face it.  Athletes are bigger, stronger, faster, and more skilled than most athletes in history.   Granted everything has changed including rules, equipment, training, you name it.  Still though the athletes of today are just better, period.

Still though, that doesn’t mean that some records will be broken.  In fact there are many records that some think will stand the test of time.

Here are seven that I don’t think will ever be broken…..

Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak

Jimmy Rollins is most recent player to come even remotely within striking distance, and he got up to 38 in 2005-2006.  Still 18 games away.  Pretty insane.  I seriously doubt that in my lifetime there will be anyone who could come close to 56.  Maybe Albert Pujols?  And even him I doubt.   The closest ever is 45, still 11 games short.  That’s 2 more weeks of baseball getting a hit EVERY game.  I just can’t see it.

Pete Rose’s Hits Record

4,256.  Man that is simply insane.    With the amount of injuries these days you think anyone will even come close to that?  No chance.  I mean do you really think that Derek Jeter can average 200 hits a season for the next SEVEN seasons?  I don’t.   I mean you’re talking longevity and a ridiculous batting eye.  I just don’t see it happening.

Cal Ripken Jr’s Iron Man Streak

Do you realize how many games 2632 is?  Holy dog shit.  That’s 16.2 seasons without missing ONE game.  Not for the flu.  Not for a death in the family.  Not for a baby being born.  Not for anything.  No active player has more than 600 right now.

Brett Favre’s Iron Man Streak

Of course he was shot up with pain killers the whole time but come on.  No football player is going to match 297 games let alone a quarterback.  That’s one record that will stand for at least the next 100 years.

Cy Young’s Win Total

511 Wins?  Haha.  No chance.  I don’t really believe in wins all that much as a testament to great pitching.   Howeve,r I will say that back in Cy Young’s day wins were certainly earned.  These guys went more than six innings a time or two in their careers.

Kelly Slater’s Surfing Wins

Do you realize that of all the most dominant athletes in the history of sport none are more dominant than Kelly Slater in his?  He has 10 world championship wins.  The second to him?  4.   No one is gonna catch him anytime soon, especially since he might have more left in him.

Oscar Robertson’s Triple Double Average

The only guy that has a prayer of doing this is Lebron James and now that he’s on the Heat, it ain’t gonna happen.  Can Rajon Rando do it?  Nope.  He won’t get the rebounds.  Maybe Russell Westbrook but seriously folks.  Do you realize how hard it is to average a triple double in the NBA?  It’s just not gonna happen.

*I doubt Nolan Ryan’s strikeout record will be matched either

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  • umm

    Wilt Chamberlain? 100 points in a basketball game?

  • Ty Cobb

    Ty Cobb’s 54 steals of home base. Amazing. More than 50% higher than the next nearest total (33) and no one does it anymore.

  • Evan S.

    Peyton Manning will beat Favre’s streak. It’ll be easy – he doesn’t get hit like Favre did.

  • Jonathan

    You haven’t included the most unbreakable record of all – Cy Young’s complete games record of 749. Given that these days the major league leader usually doesn’t even get 10, it will never be broken.

  • no nhl?

    Pretty much any record belonging to will never be broken. Most goals in a season 92 (last year’s high was 51). Most points in a season 215 (last year’s high 115), and this just scratches the surface, no one will ever put up the same career numbers. Granted its a different game now, and one could argue some players now are more impressive with what they’ve done, still most of these records will never be beaten.

  • JB

    Peyton Manning is at 208 consectuive starts.. with the NFL going to an 18 game schedule, he is 5 seasons away (not counting playoff games). He’s 70% of the way.

  • Stu W

    Somewhat Americancentric….Failed to mention the great Don Bradman who played cricket for Australia….Batting average of 99.94 in 80 innings (needed 4 runs in his last innings to average 100, however went out for 0). This is nearly 30 run higher than any other cricketer since 1877.

  • Luke

    Wilt Chamberlain – 100 points in a game. Possibly more impressive than everything else on this list.

  • Sammy

    Nobody will ever break Johnny Vander Meer’s no hitter streak. Somebody may tie it with back to back no hitters but nobody will ever break it requiring three no hitters in a row.

  • rick

    agreed Wilt Chamberlain 100 points,

    What about Wayne Gretzky’s 212 points in 1 season, 50 goals in 36games, there have been a lot of things you left out. I suggest you update it.

  • John

    Way to ignore hockey…

    Wayne Gretzky’s 92 goal season will never be repeated…goalies and team defense have come a long way since then, and that clock won’t get turned back…

  • Bears Fan

    Devin Hester

    Combined kick return touchdowns, career: 14 (10 punts, 4 kickoffs)

    He’s only been in the league 5 years

  • You Forgot…

    Javier Sotomayor’s mark in the high jump of 8’0.46″ will never be touched.

  • ballin

    wilt’s 100 in a game will probably be matched at some point. keep in mind kobe scored like 83 or something that one time.

    however, averaging 50 points a game like wilt did? hahahah good fucking luck.

    closest to that was jordan, and his highest average was 37. There’s no way anybody is touching that record.

  • Kevin

    This article should be called
    Seven AMERICAN Athletic Records That Will Likely Never Be Broken.

    Speaking as a foreigner to the US of course…
    Steven Redgrave (ENGLAND) winning 5 consecutive golds at 5 Olympics.
    Not sure if it can’t be broken…but its unlikely….thats like being at the top of your game for 16-20 years of your life.

  • Luke

    How about Pete Maravich’s 44.3 ppg average at LSU? That will never be touched, and it was before the 3 point line existed.

  • richG

    Consecutive No Hitters by Johnny Vander Meer


  • Andrew Mitchell

    There are a few hockey records worth mentioning, like Gretzky’s 2,856 points (Messier is second with 1,855). Including playoffs he has 3,328 goals. Gretzky also records for goals, assists, consecutive 40 goal season, etc. He should really be on this list.

  • Charles F

    Johnny Vander Meer’s 2 consecutive no-hitters.
    There’s a chance it could be tied, but do you really think someone is going to throw 3 in a row?

  • D

    Perhaps you should mention lance armstrong.

    Seven consecutive tour de frances. His closest competitor has had 5.

  • taylor

    what about johnny van der meer pitching back to back no hitters? it will NEVER be tied, let alone broken. and peyton manning will certainly not break Favre’s record

  • Jaime

    Fastest Hat Trick ever will NEVER be broken. Same with fastest 3 assists in hockey.

  • dan

    emmitt’s nfl yardage record?

  • the devil

    Gretzky. C’mon, you guys always seem to forget Gretzky. He probably has more awards than most people have hairs on their bodies.

  • http://www.creditreportrepairpro.com/ Kevin


    50 goals in 39 games
    92 goals in a season
    163 assists in a season
    215 points in a season
    2,857 all-time points
    894 all-time goals
    1,963 all-time assists

    I won’t see those broken in my lifetime…

  • http://www.gorgeousworld.net/ Mark

    The one man this list is missing is John Stockton. He owns two of the most unbreakable records in the NBA. He is the all time assist, and all time steals leader, and looks near impossible for anyone to catch him.

  • k

    Ken Climo has eleven world disc golf championship titles.


  • Rallyfan

    How about Sebastian Loeb’s 7 CONSECUTIVE WRC titles? Even if some other fantastic driver managed to win 7 titles (unlikely), the fact that they are consecutive is simply mind-blowing. Even though Michael Schumacher has 7 F1 titles, they’re not consecutive, and came at a time of total technological dominance by Ferrari.

  • ogie

    Teemu Selänne’s 76 goals as a rookie in the nhl will never be broken.

  • Non-american

    15 times world champion Phil Taylor.


  • Etienne

    While I think Wilt’s 100 could be broken (but even that seems impossible), he has 3 records that will never be topped. First, the 50+ ppg. That’s just insane. Second, the 55 rebounds in a game. Entire teams don’t do that these days.

    But those two records won’t be broken mainly because the game has slowed down considerably. It’s very rare that a team takes 100 shots nowadays.

    The last one, however, is even more insane. The season he averaged 50 ppg, he also averaged 48.5 minutes per game. He only missed 8 minutes that season, and that’s because he had been thrown out after his second technical.

  • Patty O’Heater

    Great headline! Not an athlete in sight! Sportsmen may be athletic, but these are sports records. And the rest of the world does not give a toss about baseball or that hand-egg game for padded and helmeted meatheads.

  • Jimmy

    Hey how about Lance Armstrong? 7 time winner of the Tour de France in consecutive years!



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