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Jan 13 2011

Five Fun Activities to Do in Cold Weather

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I’m trying to get around the fact that I’m just cold right now.    There’s really no other way to put it.  My fingers are literally numbing as I’m typing and it’s not cool.   So while I’m freezing my little nippers off I try to think about the nicer things the cold weather has to offer us.

It’s not easy to do because my brain is kind of crackling but whatever.   I’ve come up with five activities that are somewhat obvious but they need attention as our temperatures continue to drop…..

Football or any sport in the Snow

To this day I will never forget the best New Year’s party in the history of my life.   It was back in freshman year in high school.  It was before drinking and girls really mattered to us.  It was my one last year of just being a guy without worry of stuff.  There were around 12 of us all at my buddy Brian’s house and we had possible the most epic tackle football game of all time.  100% snow.  None of us even remotely got hurt because of the snow and our clothes.  It was amazing.  What topped it all off was hot chocolate at the conclusion.    I highly recommend you do this once or twice.

Sleigh Riding or Skiing or Snow Boarding

This goes without saying but you never really realize how awesome it is to go sledding until you actually go.  I swear it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve ridden a snow tube and honestly that’s just way to long.  I think that skiing goes without saying.

Ice Fishing

Have you ever tried ice fishing? Put it this way.  Fishing is awesome so why wouldn’t ice fishing be?  You sit in a warm wooden hut and get completely wasted all day waiting on some big fish.  Sounds like a good day to me.

Snowball Fights

The only thing that sucks about snowball fights is when you get snow that’s a little icy.  You can seriously cut yourself if you really get nailed.  Still though, it’s not often you get to have snowball fights (unless you live in Alaska or Canada).   Take advantage of them.

Stay inside and light a fire

Hey this may sound obvious but it’s pretty awesome to sit in front of a roaring fire while drinking hot cocoa.

*Oh yeah, you could always just fly to the caribbean if you have the money….

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