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Jan 12 2011

Five Incredibly Wacko Sexual Fetishes

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By now I’ve mentioned sexual fetishes about 1000 times on this site yet I’ve never really explored the ones I think are pretty insane.  So naturally I decided to do a little research for you all.

There were five in particular that I wanted to share with all of you today.  I think you’ll find that there are some sick sick people out there who need some serious help…..


This is deriving sexual pleasure from insects crawling on the body, specifically on the genitals. It is more common in developing countries, perhaps because homes are infested with insects. This could lead to an individual’s genitals being exposed to insects and if this happens at a young age when they are sexually developing, they may derive pleasure from it. Man I hope this doesn’t spread here in the U.S.


This is arousal by the thought of being eaten by someone, eating someone else, or watching someone eat somebody else. It is called “vore” for short. Perhaps this is related to cannibalism, but how someone develops a fetish like this is not something I’d like to imagine nor can I believe it’s so common there’s a name for it. It involves pure fantasy (at least hopefully it does), since it would be very difficult to make any of the aforementioned situations reality.


This fetish can vary in what the inflatophile enjoys. It can be an attraction to inflatable animals and toys, deriving sexual pleasure from wearing inflatable suits, or just being aroused from the thought of people inflating like balloons. I guess this gives blow up dolls entirely new meaning. Man there are some weirdos out there aren’t there?


It’s not 100% clear but perhaps liking one of your stuffed animals a little too much as a child can lead to this fetish. It is being sexually attracted to stuffed animals or people dressed in animal costumes. Some plushophiles like to masturbate using small stuffed animals, and some like to dress up in costumes and have sex with others wearing costumes. This is basically one step away from beastiality but the person doesn’t have the heart to go through with actually having sex with an animal.

Robot fetishism

This is a fantasy that involves the thought of having sex with a robot, having sex dressed as robots, or having sex with a person who is transformed into a robot. Now in this later day and age I can understand the whole android thing. What I don’t get is that this fetish included having sex with things that don’t look human. That I don’t understand.

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