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Jan 12 2011

Go Japan! Airline to Now Offer Draft Beer

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We like to rip on Japan here on the site a lot for being really weird sometimes, but you can’t deny that more often than not, they’re really forward thinking. And while you might think it would be a German or American airline who would do it first, it’s the Japanese who are now serving draft beer on their flights.

Draft beer, which was once banished from the skies, will be served by Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways starting July 20, reports Bornrich.org.

For the first time, fliers will be able to tap into specialized kegs installed onboard, but only on domestic flights in Japan. A cold one will cost you 1,000 yen, or about $11.30. But with only 20 glasses available per flight (Tokyo-Okinawa will serve 40), drinkers had better buy fast.

Draft beer couldn’t be served before because fluctuating air pressure created too much foam, according to Japan Probe. Supposedly, new beer keg technology was developed to remedy the issue.

Haha, advance in keg technology huh. I knew there was a reason we weren’t trying to go into space anymore…

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