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Jan 11 2011

6 Things That Can Ruin a Rock Concert

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Now, there are about a million things that can seriously ruin a rock concert but I don’t want to focus on the roof caving in or the lead singer getting shot.  That’s a little too technical.

What I’m referring to is stuff that happens at nearly every rock concert for one fan or another.  And these things have probably happened to you at some point so I figured I would share.

Here are six things that can really ruin a rock concert…..

The Sound

There’s no clearer example of this than when you see the same band more than once.   You see them in one arena and you love the concert and you see them in another arena and the concert sucks.   I’ve seen Pearl Jam a few times and while all their concerts kick ass, one of them was not nearly what it could have been simply because of the acoustics in the arena.  I hate it when that happens.

When it’s too short

Nothing’s more annoying than feeling left short handed by a band you were really looking forward to seeing.  I’m not saying that they should be giving six encores but I will say that anything less than an hour and twenty minutes is pretty piss poor.

The music just isn’t good anymore

Want a perfect example?  U2.  What in the world is wrong with their new music?  It 100% sucks now.  You try to get into it but you know deep down that you really showed up to hear their 80s stuff.  It kind of blows when a band goes in a new direction and veers away from the music that got them there in the first place.

Songs You Want Aren’t Played

This one is a smaller one than the rest but it’s definitely kind of a let down if you go to a concert all pumped up thinking you’ll be hearing certain songs and you get stiffed.  It happens and it stinks.

When it’s too long

It’s kind of annoying when you’re still sitting there 3 hours into the show.  It’s exhausting.  It’s like you don’t even have the strength to be excited anymore.  Very few bands can play for hours on end and have me still pumped.  Pearl Jam again, is one of them.

Prior Engagements

When I go to a concert I like to know that that is my only plan for the evening.  It sucks to have other shit on your mind.

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  • Richard

    I would also add when the band unexpectantly gets political.

    Those who went to the concert for change and didnt expect to hear anti bush messages were pretty idiotic, but in general if I am going to see a band that is not explicitly political I dont want to hear there views no matter what their views are.



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