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Jan 11 2011

Church Thief Straddles the Line Between Boss and Douche

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Well I’ll be damned if this isn’t the most WTF robbery I’ve heard about in a while. Stealing from church is not cool, but when you hear parts of this you might laugh a little bit.

Sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, the Wheaton area church was broken into, and about 40,000 pennies were stolen, Montgomery police said.

What’s more, the intruder appears to have gone into the church freezer, pulled out hamburger meat and cooked a meal. And the thief went on to a church computer and looked at pornography – leaving the vulgar images on the screen that shocked a deacon just before Sunday services.

“People just don’t have the same respect for churches that they used to,” said Ella Redfield, pastor of New Creation, a Baptist church with about 70 members.

Yeah, stealing pennies for charity isn’t exactly cool, though I do have to wonder how he carried those out of there. But stopping to cook himself a meal and bringing up porn on a computer? That’s a little bit funny, isn’t it?

Can’t they just tell local banks to report anyone trying to turn in 40,000 pennies?

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