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Jan 10 2011

The Five Worst Kinds of Bosses Imaginable

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Most anyone who has ever worked for a living has had a boss.  I mean unless you’re born into being the boss or never have a job in your life chances are you’ve had an authoritative figure in your career.

Unfortunately for most of us we don’t exactly get the ideal mentors at our jobs.  Many times we get the exact opposite:  pains in our asses.

Today I’d live to focus on five in particular that really grind my gears….

The Micro Manager

We all know what that’s like.  This is the guy or gal who is constantly looking over your shoulder.  And in many case they are literally looking over your shoulder.  How the hell can you work comfortably knowing you’re being watched all of the time?  I once had a boss that literally had time logs on the phones to make sure you were making your cold calls.  I used to pick up the phone and just leave it with an empty dial tone.  What a douche.

The Super Optimistic One

I mean there’s a part of me that appreciates these people.  It’s nice to know there are those out there that get all geeked up to go to work.  But the majority of us aren’t all that thrilled to be at work all the time so seeing this kind of positive energy actually brings a lot of people down.  “Team player!”  “Let’s go team!”  “We can do it!”  Dude, shut up.  Seriously.

The Less Intelligent Than You Boss

I’m pretty sure everyone I know has been faced with this kind of boss.  This is the person who is essentially a moron.  Do you realize how frustrating it is to work for someone who you know you can outperform in about 2 seconds?  Not only that, someone who you are considerably smarter than.  It doesn’t get more frustrating than that.

The Passing the Buck Boss

In other words, the lazy boss.  This is the person who is essentially not really qualified to do anything on their own so they hire someone to do everything for them.  When you get down to it this is pretty smart as this is the behavior a CEO would have.  However, when it’s much lower on the totem pole it becomes problematic and isn’t cool at all, especially when you’re the one doing all the work.

The Liar/Brainwasher

These are some of the worst kinds of people.  They manipulate you into working hard.  They make promises they can’t keep and they stretch you to limits that go way beyond what you expected.  They squeeze you for every inch and give you nothing in return, though they’ll promise you the world.

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  • that guy

    how about the “Right Wing Nut Job Boss.” Not afraid to talk about his love for guns and hate for mexicans but if you try to gently explain that you are not into white supremacy it turns into a 3 hour debate on how and why the country is going downhill despite the boss making 150k a year (which means he’s poor)



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